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2021 Wheels of Love

0% raised of $3,000,000

Let us know you’re here for ALYN!

Welcome to Wheels of Love 2022 and our new look!

 After 21 years of great success, it is time for a change. We have considered feedback from you, our riders, along with the needs of ALYN Hospital and have been thoughtful in our approach. Here are some of the big changes this year:

  • Wheels of Love ’22 will take place Monday, November 7 – Thursday, November 10. It is a four-day ride – not five days! Riders can check-in either on Sunday, November 6 or Friday morning, November 4.
  • ALYN Hospital will spend $2000 per rider for the four-day period. In the interest of being fiscally responsible and minimizing the financial impact on ALYN, we have raised the registration fee per rider to $1200, covering 60% of the baseline cost.
  • Fundraising minimums have also increased to $5000 for those on the road routes and $4000 for the off-road routes.
  • We are introducing an incentive for first-time riders: their fundraising minimum will be reduced to $2500.
  • Due to COVID-related concerns, the ride will not end at ALYN Hospital. Instead, we will have a beachside BBQ to celebrate the last day of Wheels of Love. But don’t worry – we will still have the privilege of riding alongside the children who are already busy training to participate this year.


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The Routes

Open route in RidingwithGPS.

An additional 17 mile extension will also be available for a longer 81 mile route.

Open route in RidingwithGPS.

Open route in RidingwithGPS.

You can also choose to ride for one day – either Sunday, October 14 (34 miles) or Monday, October 25 (64 miles.)

On the registration form, just enter the code: “Sunday” or “Monday.”  The registration fee is $180 and we ask that you raise or donate a minimum of $720.

If you are already registered for the ride and want to switch to just ride for one day, please email us.

What's Included?

0% raised of $3,000,000
0% raised of $3,000,000