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Corona FAQ

The responses below are in-line with Israel’s Ministry of Health regulations as of September 2020 and are subject to change.

We will update this page as new regulations are issued.

As a rule, all social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be enforced at all times,
including wearing masks and avoiding physical contact.

How will we maintain social distancing when we are out cycling?
Riders and support staff will be grouped into seperate “capsules.” No riders may join a capsule after the ride begins Sunday morning.

How will we maintain social distancing at the rest-stops?
There will be no gathering permitted at the rest areas. We will maintain this by having
all snack food pre-wrapped. There will be sanitizing stations available, allowing for
handwashing as well as a supply of sanitizing wipes and disinfecting hand gel.

Will the mechanics be available at the end of the day for bike repairs?
The mechanics will be available every evening. There will be a sign-in sheet to book a
time slot.

Will the check-in and bike assembly be held at ALYN Hospital?
Rider check-in will take place Thursday October 22 and Friday October 23 only. The check-in will be in the ALYN parking lot and riders will not be allowed to enter the hospital.

Riders will be sent a sign-up sheet to reserve a spefic time for check-in. While a mechanic will be available for emergency repairs, riders should bring their bikes ready to be loaded onto the truck. Please have your local mechanic go over your bike before you bring it to check-in.

How will the Opening and Closing Ceremonies take place?
There will be no formal opening ceremonies. There will be a short virtual ceremony through Zoom after the ride.

How will we maintain social distancing on the bus to/from the hotels?
All passengers will be required to wear masks throughout the trip. Bus capacity will be set by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

How will we maintain social distancing in the hotels?
1. Room Accommodations – All rooms will be for two people only unless a rider pays to upgrade to a single room.
2. Meals – All participants will be checked for fever when entering the dining hall.
There will be no buffet. All food will be served by hotel staff, outfitted in gloves
and masks. Seating will be arranged so that diners are 1.5m/5ft apart.
3. Aprés Ride – Beer will be served in individual closed bottles or in disposable
cups, only to be filled by hotel staff. Each rider will also be provided with a
bagged snack and fresh whole fruit will be available as well.
4. Riders must remain in their “capsules” in the hotel.