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ALYN is a rehabilitation hospital for children. That means that all the kids here were severely hurt in accidents or acts of terror or suffer from disease that effects their ability to do things that other kids can do, such as walk, eat, or even breath without help. While we would love it if every child who comes to ALYN will eventually be well enough to return to their families and homes, the real goal is to enable them to live as independently as possible. ALYN is the ONLY such hospital in Israel. ALYN has developed a huge array of treatments and therapies to help these kids and is known internationally. To visit ALYN and see the children is to see real miracles (and we invite you to come for a tour!)

ALYN treats children suffering from a variety of physical challenges, from routine conditions that require professional diagnosis and short-term treatment to long-term rehabilitation for children and adolescents suffering from severe injuries or complex medical conditions – including children who are ventilator-dependent. The hospital employs a multidisciplinary staff that includes doctors and  para-medical  therapists.

ALYN is a nonprofit facility, and only a portion of  each child’s care is reimbursed by the health funds or other referring agencies. This reimbursement is insufficient to cover the actual cost of the unique and comprehensive treatment that every child receives. It is for this reason that the hospital must depend on donations.  The funds raised by Wheels of Love and other special projects cover nearly half of the Hospital’s operating budget deficit.