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2019 Incentives

The 20% UP Club

Join the new 20% UP Club! All you need to do is raise 20% more than you did last year. Club members will receive a special club jersey with a special, unique design honoring those who made the extra effort to “raise their game” for the children of ALYN.

If you raised $3,000 last year, just raise an extra $600 to join the club. If you raised $10,000 — ad an additional $2,000.

Wear your 20% UP Club jersey with pride on the Wheels of Love and wherever you ride during the year.

Not sure how much you raised last year? Send us an email and we will let you know.

$5,000: ALYN Gloves & Socks

Show your support for ALYN on your hands and your feet!

Our special padded riding gloves will reduce road and trail vibrations while the ALYN dry-fit socks keep your feet comfortable after many hours of pedaling.

It’s our way of saying thanks for making an extra effort for the children of ALYN.

$7,500: Summer Bib
From the same supplier who is providing us with elite quality riding jerseys, we will have a limited number of summer bid shorts.The shorts are made with high quality chamois for hours of comfort. The shorts are lightweight and flexible, designed for when the weather gets hot.

Best of all, these premium bibs will sport the ALYN logo so everyone can see how much you care.

$10,000: ALYN Winter Jersey

Our winter jersey is a true cold weather jersey. With ALYN branded design, this premium jersey is ONLY available for those who raise more than $10,000! It’s not for sale.

For those who like to ride year round, it will keep you warm even when the weather is frigid.

When you wear it, you are part of a very special group: The lead Wheels of Love fundraisers.

$15,000: Wheels of Love Wind Vest

Keep warm on windy days with the ALYN Wheels of Love Wind Vest.

This will be a premium, branded, sleeveless vest.