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Updating your Wheels of Love Fundraising Picture, Text, and Goal

We are using Israel Gives to process donations for the 2023 Wheels of Love ride. You can change your picture, goal, and text on your page by following the steps below:

First, you need to login to Israel Gives at this link

To change your picture – look for “My profile”. Click there and you will see where you can update the picture.

To change the text or goal – look for:

My fundraising

– Campaigns

—- My Campaigns

There should be only one campaign and it should say:

ALYN Hospital: Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center

You will see a pencil icon on left side

Click Pencil

Don’t change any info – click NEXT

You will see text under “describe your campaign” – Here is where you can change the text

Click NEXT. On this page, you can change the goal.