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Update Profile

We have a “no log-in” website

You do not need to login to our website. There are no passwords to remember. Here is how to change your profile page:

After you register, we will create a personal fundraising page that you can send to your friends and family members. They can make donations in shekels, American dollars, and Canadian dollars on this page. All donors will receive a tax deduction receipt and the donation will be automatically added to your page and our website. If you are one of our top fundraisers, your name will be displayed on our leaderboard.

We will use a default picture and text when we first set up your page, unless you have instructed us otherwise when you registered. At any time, you may change the picture and text of your page.


You can send us any picture where the width is slightly bigger than the height to be displayed on your personal fundraising page. After it is posted, the picture will be enlarged or reduced automatically to 640 x 480.  The total size in pixels should be between 50K and 300K.

If your picture is outside of these dimensions, don’t worry. We will crop it and resize it for the best fit.

Once you have selected your picture, click on and send it to us.

Please allow 24 hours for us to upload your new picture.

Here is an example of how the picture will look:


You can send text for your page to The page will display the first 250 words of your text and then have a button to allow people to read more. You can ask us to use your text from last year or send us updates to your text from last year (number of rides which you have participated in, ages of your children, etc.)

If you do not send us text, the following default text will be displayed:

Update Contact Details

You can use the same email to tell us of any changes to your contact details (phone, address, email)