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Riding Teams

Wheels of Love welcomes the formation of teams.  Team fundraising can be a useful and effective tool to maximize fundraising efforts and create a healthy sense of camaraderie among team members and good-natured competition with other teams.

Teams should be formed when a group of riders plan to be soliciting donations from the same donor. We can set up a team fund raising page which will be in addition to a rider’s personal fundraising page. Riders can send either page to their donors.

When a donor makes a team gift, the donation is split evenly among all team members registered to the team at the time the gift is given. However, each Team Rider still has an individual fundraising obligation which remains even if the Team has satisfied or surpassed its overall Team fundraising obligation.

In other words, even if one member of a team is raising far more than the minimum, other members of the team must still meet their obligations. The only cases where this does not apply is teams made up of immediate family members.