Wheels of Love 2019

Bernard Cornick

51% raised of $25,000 goal


US tax receipt from American Friends of ALYN

This November, I’m riding for the 4th time in the ALYN Wheels of Love, a challenging 5-day bike ride in Israel to help the ALYN Children’s Hospital in Jerusalem.

Every year, hundreds of children who have been severely injured or were born with significant physical challenges are treated at ALYN. Whether a child was hurt by an act of terror, a car accident, or has other disabilities, ALYN does everything possible to help them lead independent lives.

Wheels of Love riders like myself are committed to ensuring that ALYN has the resources to care for these children.

Please help me help the children of ALYN.

Thank you.


Philip Kaplan$1003 days ago
David Carr$2009 days ago
David Landau$13616 days ago
Louise Bergerson$25016 days ago
Lester Smerka$18016 days ago
Janice Kleber$10017 days ago
Sander Flaum$25017 days ago
Robert Adkins$7517 days ago
Victor Rice$25017 days ago
Gaston Levy$10017 days ago
Madeline Torres$5017 days ago
Ron Douglass$20017 days ago
Caryn Becker$5,00017 days ago
Gene Kaye$100Jun 30, 2019
Anthony Hoffmann$250Jun 30, 2019
Mitch Vajda-Blas$108Jun 27, 2019
Takeshi Ushioda$250Jun 26, 2019
Richard and Susan Ugelow$100Jun 26, 2019
Mark Kresic$200Jun 26, 2019
William Slater$100Jun 26, 2019
Stephen Josephson$50Jun 26, 2019
Barry Miller$360Jun 26, 2019
Russ Mandor$250Jun 26, 2019
Mimi Crowell$200Jun 24, 2019
Daniela Combe$500Jun 24, 2019
Richard Mason$500Jun 24, 2019
Uzi Mahnaimi$100Jun 24, 2019
Eileen Gould$50Jun 24, 2019
Judith Lessing$150Jun 24, 2019
Lila Zitovsky$25Jun 24, 2019
Jeremy Duvdevani$180Jun 20, 2019
Roosevelt Paper Company$180Jun 20, 2019
Martin Damsky$180Jun 16, 2019
Montague Wolfson$500Jun 16, 2019
Jill Danis$500Jun 13, 2019
Jennifer Coonce$50Jun 13, 2019
Jonathan Teller$360Jun 13, 2019
Joseph Merante$500Jun 13, 2019