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News and Updates

Sep 19 2017

Taking Stock

It’s relatively easy to do small kindnesses that don’t require much in terms of our time and resources.  But how many people are prepared to dedicate significant personal resources and much (if not most) of their vacation time purely for the sake of others?

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Sep 14 2017

On to the Next Million

On September 13 at around 10:00 Israeli time, we crossed the million dollar mark in fundraising!  This is the earliest that the ride has ever hit this milestone and we have YOU to thank. 

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Sep 06 2017

Approaching $1,000,000

If they say the first million is the hardest, then we are very pleased to report that Wheels of Love 2017 has now raised almost $1,000,000!  With sponsorships coming in every day, we are hopeful that not only will this be the best Wheels of Love ride ever, but also a fundraising record breaker on behalf of the children of ALYN Hospital!

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