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ALYN has formed a partnership with the non-profit organization JGIVE to enable us to receive donations in shekels, American dollars, and Canadian dollars all on one website. (They are hoping to add the option of giving in British Pounds soon.) This year, we are using this option for riders who live outside of North America.

Jgive works with over 400 Israeli non-profit groups like ALYN Hospital to help them raise money in an efficient, cost-effective process.The donations are officially received by Jgive’s American and Canadian affiliates before being transferred to ALYN Hospital.

For U.S. dollar donations that is the Friends of Asor Fund and for Canadian dollars it is theNeeman Foundation. These names will appear on donation receipts which also will specify that the donation was for a rider in the ALYN Ride. As soon as a donation is given, the details appear on the rider’s fundraising page.

Friends of ASOR Fund is an official US 501(c)3 organization and Neeman Foundation is registered with the Canadian tax authorities so that ALYN donations that are collected through these organizations are tax exempt in accordance with U.S. and Canadian law.

Does Jgive charge ALYN for its services?

Jgive is itself a not for profit organization and as such does not charge a subscription fee, registration fee, or charge per donation. All of Jgive’s services are offered for free excepting the credit card processing fee and a small amount to cover the costs of the automatic digital receipts, credit charge fee, and transfer to ALYN’s Israeli account.

Read more about JGIVE here.