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Wheels of Love 2022

Money Raised
76% raised of $3,000,000

Congratulations for completing the 22nd Wheels of Love charity bike ride!

Wow! Four days of biking the scenic hills of the Galilee and Golan regions, gorgeous blue skies (most of the time!) and catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Thank you for participating in the Wheels of Love ’22 and supporting successes of children at ALYN Hospital. It was amazing to gather so many riders who have participated in previous Wheels of Love charity bike rides and to welcome so many first-time riders to the Wheels of Love family!

All the money you raised will go directly towards providing medical and therapeutic care for children facing physical disabilities at ALYN Hospital. Your support helps the children achieve their goals.

We look forward to seeing you again for Wheels of Love ’23: OCTOBER 23-26, 2023!


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Eli Kazhdan
ALYN Center for Innovation in Pediatric Rehabilitation Research

Route Details

Road Group Daily Avg: 62 km/38 miles – Climbing: 781 m/2,562 feet – Pace 16kph (10 mph)

GPX Links (right click to download): Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday

*All routes are subject to change. 

Strava Links:   Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     


HOTEL: Monday-Nir Etzion          Tuesday-Nir Etzion          Wednesday-Regba Aqueduct Hotel

The Road Route start Wheels of Love with a beautiful route taking us from the flat planes of Central Israel through the hills of the Galilee, ending amidst the beautiful vineyards of Binyamina.

Well-stocked pit stops (water, energy drinks, fresh fruit, energy bars, nuts, pretzels, etc) allow riders to refresh and relax throughout the day. Roads will be closed by the Israeli police as the ride comes through. Mechanical and medical support accompany the ride, along with a SAG bus for riders who need a break.

Today we ride out of our hotel and have a spectacular ride through the wooded hills of the Carmel National Forest. We end the day back at the Nir Etzion hotel.

Today, we head north and west through the hills and forests of the Western Galilee. We finish at our final hotel, the Regba Aqueduct hotel.

On the last day of Wheels of Love 2022, we leave our hotel in Regba and ride a circular route finishing at the beach of Achziv National Park.

We will have a barbeque on the beach and a short ceremony as we say goodbye until next year!

Click here to open this map in Strava

Road Plus Daily Average: 75 km — Climbing: 1,300 m  — Pace 25kph

The Road Plus routes consist of challenging routes of around 75 km. Every day except Thursday, there will be optional additiopns for the strongest riders. The option to ride the additions will depend on time, weather, and road conditions are will be decided by the route leader.

GPX Links (right click to download): Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday

*All routes are subject to change. 

Strava Links:   Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     

HOTEL: Monday –The Village (Sde Nechemia)          Tuesday – The Village           Wednesday-Regba Aqueduct Hotel

The Road Route start Wheels of Love with a beautiful and hilly route taking us from the flat planes of Central Israel west to the Golan Heights. We ride down to the shores of the Kinneret and then north into the mountains.

For those still feeling strong after 73km, we will have an optional 20 km addition to our hotel in Sde Nechamia.

Well-stocked pit stops (water, energy drinks, fresh fruit, energy bars, nuts, pretzels, etc) allow riders to refresh and relax throughout the day. Roads will be closed by the Israeli police as the ride comes through. Mechanical and medical support accompany the ride, along with a SAG bus for riders who need a break.

Hopefully everyone had a good night’s sleep in Sde Nechamia because today is the Mount Hermon Challenge! The Hermon is Israel’s tallest mountain and straddles the border with Syria. It is a very long climb, sometimes gradual and occasionally steep.

Eight kilometers from the top we will have a pit stop and riders who want to go all the way will be able to climb to the summit making for a total of 86km and almost 2,000 meters of climbing. Others can hang out at the pit stop and enjoy a nice break from the climb.

After our ride up and down the Hermon Mountain, on Wednesday we set off across the Galilee. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly short mileage, this is a tough course with lots of climbing and descending.

Our final day riding together we ride from our hotel to Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon. It’s a wild, scenic route that will bring us to Rosh Hanikra, the North-West corner of Israel. From there we ride along the coast to Achziv National Park. 

We will have a barbeque on the beach and a short ceremony as we say goodbye until next year!

Challenge Daily Average: 100 km — Climbing: 1,904 m  — Pace 30kph

GPX Links (right click to download): Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday *All routes are subject to change.

Route Strava Links:  Monday     Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday     

HOTEL: Monday –The Village (Sde Nechemia)          Tuesday – The Village           Wednesday-Regba Aqueduct Hotel

Challenge will start Wheels of Love with a long, fast, beautiful route taking us from the flat planes of Central Israel to the Golan Heights. Well-stocked pit stops (water, energy drinks, fresh fruit, energy bars, nuts, pretzels, etc) allow riders to refresh and relax throughout the day. Roads will be closed by the Israeli police as the ride comes through.

Mechanical and medical support accompany the ride, along with a SAG bus for riders who need a break. 

On Tuesday, the Challenge and Road plus groups will ride a long circular route that includes riding to the ski resort on the slopes of the Hermon Mountain, Israel’s highest elevation. The route ends back at the starting point in Sde Nechemia.

A long, hilly route along the Northern Border ends by the sea. 

Once more we ride along Israel’s border with Lebanon carve a wide circle before heading back to the coast and the emotional finish on the beach with all the other riding groups. 

We will have a barbeque on the beach and a short ceremony as we say goodbye until next year!

Touring Daily Average: 25 km — Climbing: 234  — Pace 16kph (10mph)

Route Strava Links:  Monday     Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday   

*All routes are subject to change at any time. 

HOTEL: Monday-Nir Etzion          Tuesday-Nir Etzion          Wednesday-Regba Aqueduct Hotel


Touring will spend half the day riding and half the day touring special sites. The touring group rides with the Road group.

We will ride about 25 Km with the road group on a very scenic route in the Central Galilee. We will then trade our bikes for wine glasses with a visit to the Tulip Winery, a very special place indeed.

In 2003, the Itzhaki family fulfilled their long-held vision by founding the Tulip Winery, an expression of their great love of wine and huge love of people. This was a true milestone – combining fine, high quality wines with a committed contribution to the community.

The hillside in Kfar Tikva, a small and pastoral settlement for residents with special needs, was the perfect and most natural setting for building the winery. The winery’s inspiring and thriving model of employing members of the community and providing a platform for their integration into the labor market just like ordinary people, formed an extraordinary, strong, inseparable and rooted connection.

Today’s ride is slightly longer then the day before — 27 KM. The route is gentle and through beautiful wooded valleys. After riding, we finish at the Golani training base. We take a short (15 minute) bus ride to several places where we can experience the world-famous Druse Hospitality. 

The unique project of “El Carmel” was created 10 years ago by “Nations & Flavors” in the village of Usafia in the Carmel. It enables for the first time to take a glance into the life of the special ethnic group, their houses, their food and their stories.

“El Carmel” is an adventurous project designed for Israelis as well as tourists visiting the area. The purpose is to expose visitors to the life of the Druze, by getting to know the way of life of those sensitive beautiful people who live among us and we know so little about.

We again start the day riding – around 30KM today. We then will visit two unique sites. The first is lunch at the Madame Brioche café – famous for the best brioche in all of Israel. We then will tour the Tower and Stockade Museum and learn about life in pre-state Israel. 

On the final day of Wheels of Love 2022, we will start with a short visit to an olive press in Mi’Ilya. It has to be short because at 11:00 we will be joining the Road group for the final ride into Akziv Beach where we will celebrate another successful Wheels of Love ride with riders from all the routes.

Trail Group Daily Average: 36 km/22 miles — Climbing: 573 meters/1,880 ft.

The Trail routes consist of double paths of between 35-45 KM. The vast majority of the routes are not technical and there will be a few places where riders can dismount to walk their bikes around obstacles. 

GPX Links (right click to download): Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday

*All routes are subject to change. 

Strava Links: Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday      


HOTEL: Monday – Regba Aqueduct Hotel          Tuesday –Regba Aqueduct Hotel          Wednesday-Hacienda Maalot

The Trail route kicks off Wheels of Love with an undulating path that crosses through two forests and a nature reserve. We avoid the technical obstacles that the Enduro group covers and instead focuses on wide paths and shaded crossings.

This area is perfect for mountain biking of all varieties and our trail has the highlight of the Har Gamal Nature Reserve, named because the steep hill in the center (that we ride around but not up) resembles the hump of a camel.

Today we have a circular route starting and ending from our hotel in Regba. We ride 40 kilometers around the Yehiam Forest. The first half of the ride is a very gradual climb that reaches the highest point near the town of Ein Yaakov. From there we ride downhill all the way back to our hotel.

Today we ride along the wooded trails of the Birya Forest. We will skip the technical sections and just enjoy a fast and flowing easy trail with lots of shade.  The trail passes through amazing vistas, sea views and natural bush forest.

On the final day of Wheels of Love, we will ride an easy but beautiful route that is mostly descending. We ride along the Kziv Stream in the morning and then through the Rosh Hanikra Forest to Israel’s North-West corner. From there it’s an east ride along the Mediterranean Coast to the Achziv Beach National Park.

We will have a barbeque on the beach and a short ceremony as we say goodbye until next year!

Enduro Group Basic Daily Average: 45 km — Climbing: 738 meters

The Enduro routes consist of challenging routes of between 45-50 KM. A large percentage of these route will be singles that will include some technically challenging sections. For those who are able to make certain strict time cut-off points, there be optional additions of between 10 and 15 km every day except Thursday. The option to ride the additions will depend on time, weather, and trail conditions and will be decided by the route leader.

GPX Links (right click to download): Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday 

*All routes are subject to change. 

Strava Links:   Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday   


HOTEL: Monday – Regba Aqueduct Hotel          Tuesday –Regba Aqueduct Hotel          Wednesday-Hacienda Maalot

The Enduro route for the 2022 Wheels of Love starts with an amazing day of riding. Riders will tackle great singles that combine fast and flowing paths with a few technical parts for the more skilled riders. We will have a few pit stops set up in the shade of the forest to rest and refresh before we continue.

The highlight of the day is the Kabri Single. It is considered one of the most popular bike trails in the North of Israel and when we ride it, you will see why. Overall, there are four single sections and a few white paths to catch your breath.

Today we ride along the Limonim and Birya Forest singles. They are fast and flowing and with 51 Km of riding and over one thousand meters of climbing, it will be a challenging day. The trails pass through amazing vistas, sea views and natural bush forest.

Thursday may be the last day of the ride, but it might be the most fun. We will ride two extraordinary singles: Matsuba and Hanita, plus the Nahal Kziv trail, know as one of the most beautiful in Israel. These singles have something for everyone, climbs, descents, tight turns, some technical bit but mostly a great day of riding.

From there we ride along the coast to Achziv National Park. We will have a barbeque on the beach and a short ceremony as we say goodbye until next year!

Average daily distance 5-6 miles/8-10 km Make sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes, a small backpack, and a hat. All routes are subject to change at any time.

HOTEL: Monday-Nir Etzion          Tuesday-Nir Etzion          Wednesday-Regba Aqueduct Hotel

It’s the second highest peak in Israel.  This tree covered mountain near the city of Meron stays green year-round.  It’s hiking trails are clear and well-shaded, making Mount Meron a great place for a hike at any season.  It is an absolutely incredible hike – beautiful, green, and shady throughout. There are not too many historical sites or structures on this stretch of the trail.  But the quiet natural beauty and thick forests more than made up for it.

A Fantastic Hike That Has It All.  Water Flowing All Year Round, A Beautiful Crusader Fortress, Great Views, And Lovely Mediterranean Forest.  Kziv is the longest stream in the Galilee. In our hike, we will walk along the most attractive section of the stream, that has good water flow all year round. There are a few small pools

A very nice trail, most of it in the shaded forest. The trail goes down, there are some technical parts, where you need to climb a ‘ladder’ connected to the rock.

This 6.0-km out-and-back trail near Eilon, Generally considered an easy route. This is a popular trail for, hiking, and running, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime.

When our hiking day is finished, we will join the cycling groups for a group dinner along the Mediterranean.

GalgALYN - Riding for one day

The official GalgALYN one day ride takes place Tuesday, November 8. However, riders can opt to choose another day to ride if they prefer.

  • Registration fee: 320 shekels ($100)
  • Riders are asked to raise at least 1,600 NIS ($500) for ALYN.

While most GalgALYN riders will join our Road and Trail routes, experienced riders can opt to join Road Plus, Challenge, or Enduro.

Click to open Trail Route in Strava 

Start and Finish at Regba Hotel Click to open Road Route in Strava 

Start and Finish at Nir Etzion Hotel (Bus will return riders to hotel)

Click to open Challenge Route in Strava.

Start and Finish at Village Hotel in Sde Nechamia.  

Ride Info

Mornings: Mornings start with breakfast at the hotels, usually between 6:30 and 7:30am. All groups hit the road between 8 :00 and 8:30am. Mechanics are always available for any last-minute adjustments or repairs. (If you know your bike needs a repair, please see the mechanic in the evening before dinner.) For those who want to pray with a minyan, each hotel has a synagogue where we will host davening before breakfast, usually around 6:00 AM. All schedules will be posted in the hotel lobby.

During the Ride: Every route has ride leaders and vehicles with staff, mechanics, paramedics, and a bus for those who need to take a break. There are a number of pit-stops programmed into each ride where riders can take a break and refuel.

Evenings: All routes finish by 4:00 PM. The bikes are racked and riders can unwind at the hotel with a cold beer (or a variety of beverages) and salads. Dinner is usually around 6:30 PM. Throughout the evening, staff is available to answer any questions. After dinner, we will have short briefings for those who are interested in learning about the next day’s route.

The Finish: We will celebrate the finish together with a beachside BBQ. All cyclists and bikes will be bussed back to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and other stops following the closing ceremony. 

Days could be hot and sunny or cold and rainy. Take gear that you can ride in no matter what the weather.

  • Cycling shorts, shoes, gloves, socks
  • We are providing a 2022 cycling jersey. At check-in, you will be able to purchase jerseys from previous years for a heavily discounted price – -while supplies last. Please wear the ALYN 2022 cycling jersey on the first and last day of the ride.
  • Bicycle helmet – PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON IT
  • Knee and elbow protectors (For off-road, only if you ride with them regularly.)
  • Spare inner tube, a simple set of tools and derailleur hanger suitable for your bike. Off-Road: spare brake disc pads.
  • Sunscreen
  • Vaseline, talcum powder, or other type of chamois cream. 
  • Touring riders: Small bag with comfortable clothes and shoes for touring.
  • OVERSEAS Participants need to have their passport and insurance information on them at all times
  • ISRAELIS need their identity card and kupat cholim card
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Band-Aid and medications
  • Toilet paper, wet wipes
  • Casual Clothes for relaxing in the evenings
  • Money/Credit Card- Take into account that while the mechanics service is free, parts are extra. All meals/hotel rooms are included.
  • Ear plugs (for those noisy roommates)
  • Bathing suit
  • Laundry detergent, Rope to put up clothes line

Wheels of Love encourages the formation of riding and fundraising teams.  Team fundraising can be a useful and effective tool to maximize fundraising efforts:  Teams create a healthy sense of camaraderie among team members as well as good-natured competition with other teams.

If you decide to form a team, we will set up a team fundraising page, which will be in addition to each rider’s personal fundraising page. Riders can choose to send either page to their donors. When a donor makes a team gift, the donation is split evenly among all team members then registered to the team.

Each team member must still satisfy the individual fundraising minimum. Individual fundraising might be required if the team fundraising is not sufficient to meet the minimum, once team gifts are divided among all riders. (The only case where this does not apply is when the team is made up of immediate family members, in which case we do not require the minimum fund raising amount from each team member.) To form a team or for questions about teams, please email us.

  1. How much do I need to raise to participate?
  2. What happens if a rider does not meet the minimum fundraising requirements?
  3. What is included on the ride?
  4. Is ALYN’s Wheels of Love safe?
  5. Do I need spending money?
  6. What is the difference between the routes and how difficult are they?
  7. Is the food kosher? Can I pray with a minyan?

1. How much do I need to raise to participate?

The minimum fundraising requirements depend on which route you choose. For the 2022 Wheels of Love ride, the amounts are: Trail & Enduro: $4,000 Road & Touring: $5,000 Challenge: $5,500 Our hope is that your fundraising efforts will raise visibility for the hospital and introduce your donors to the amazing work that happens at ALYN. Many who will give to ALYN for the first time through your fundraising efforts will become repeat donors to the hospital. It is a long-term plan of support.

2. What happens if a rider does not meet the minimum fundraising requirements?

The goal of Wheels of Love, in addition to producing a world-class riding experience for our riders, is to raise as much money as possible for the children of ALYN Hospital. Participation in Wheels of Love involves making a binding commitment to raise the minimum amount of funds required by the Ride Organizing Committee.

All riders who have not met their obligations at check-in must give credit card details before taking part in Wheels of Love. Any rider who has not raised the required amount by December 31, 2022 will be charged the shortfall. The credit card will not be charged prior to December 31, 2022, two months after the ride, so there is plenty of time to continue additional fundraising in order make up the deficit.  We strongly encourage you to satisfy (and hopefully far exceed) your fundraising obligation prior to the ride.

3. What is included on the ride?

On each of the three nights of Wheels of Love (Monday through Wednesday night), riders stay in three or four-star hotels. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and convenient. We eat breakfast and dinner in the hotels. During the day, there are numerous rest-stops which will have a variety of food such as fresh fruit, energy bars, and snacks. Each day, there will also be an extended pit stop for lunch. At the end of the riding day, you can relax with a cold beer and some protein and carbs. All food is certified kosher. Riders can also reserve vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free food. Every rider receives a deluxe ALYN riding jersey. During the ride, we provide complete support. That means that we have mechanics, medics and a sweep bus to pick up riders who are having a hard time keeping up or just need a break. We also have escort vehicles and staff ready to help if any need arises. All routes have lead and trailing vehicles. We will transport your luggage between hotels. You can also pack a small day bag that will accompany the Road and Touring routes and which will be brought to each rest-stop. Every night the mechanics will be available at the hotel to make any repairs needed. Should you need a part (i.e. a tire or derailleurs), most things are available for purchase. Please check our packing list.

4. Is ALYN's Wheels of Love safe?

Rider safety is our top priority. We work very closely with the Israeli police and military in planning our routes. We are also in constant contact with governmental authorities in the event of a security issue. In the event of an accident, we have experienced medics accompanying each route who can provide immediate medical assistance. While we make every attempt to keep you safe, riders are also largely responsible for the safety of the ride. Please read over our Rider Safety page so that you can do your part in keeping the ride safe for all our riders.

5. Do I need spending money?

On the ride itself, you don’t need to bring substantial spending money. We provide everything you need over these four days, including hotels, meals and all logistics. You may want to bring a little extra for souvenirs, but once you step on the bus on Sunday night or Monday morning, you can leave your wallet at home.

6. What's the difference between the routes and how difficult are they?
 We have designed the routes to appeal to a wide range of cyclists. The Road routes are often hilly and include multiple climbs that can be both steep and long, but the ride moves at a comfortable pace.
Our largest group is the Road route and it includes cyclists of varying levels. Competitive riders who are interested in riding hard and fast will love our Challenge group. Those who want a challenge but at a less-intense pace can join the  Road Plus route. Riders who prefer a relaxed pace and don’t want to spend more than half the day in the saddle can join our Touring group which rides in the morning and spends the afternoon enjoying unique tours. Most of the Trail riding is done along rugged jeep and hiking trails that can be muddy and dusty. Don’t expect to be clean at the end of the day! Some parts of the trail are technical and require advanced riding skills. There is always the option of getting off your bike, walking through the technical part and then getting back on once the trail levels out again.
Stronger riders can opt to ride on the more advanced Enduro route, which has longer daily distances, more singles, and more technical sections.
All routes have a sweeper vehicle should you need or want to take a break from cycling at any point. Each route (other than Touring), will ride every day from approximately 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM.  While every route has pit-stops and lunch breaks, you should be able to ride for 6-7 hours each day. We encourage you to train regularly in the months leading up to the ride. The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy this incredible experience.
7. Is the food kosher? Can I pray with a minyan?

Kashrut policy All food provided on the ride is kosher and has valid kashrut certification. This includes fruit, all of which is purchased from suppliers who certify that their products adhere to kashrut requirements for מצוות התלויות בארץ (mitzvot teluyot b’aretz). During the ride, kashrut certificates for items that are not prepared under the supervision of the kitchen are available from the staff upon request. This includes fruit and nuts served at rest stops. Dishes and spoons are disposable. Glatt kosher food for the five-day ride is available. Please let us know ahead of time so that we can best accommodate you. Minyanim Daily minyanim are held at the hotels and at lunch stops. The hotels have synagogues on premises.


All riders must check-in prior to the ride. The schedule of check-in is as follows: (*All times subject to change) At ALYN Hospital: Thursday, November 3: 16:00 until 21:00  (4:00 PM to 9:00 PM) Friday, November 4: 8:00 until 13:00 (8:00 AM to 1:00 PM) At Nir Etzion Resort Sunday, November 6: 16:00 until 21:00 (4:00 PM to 9:00 PM). At check-in, all riders receive their jerseys, tags, and other ride kit. Mechanics will be available for unpacking bikes and routine mechanical adjustments.

Your ALYN Fundraising Toolkit

Wondering what the money you raise by participating in Wheels of Love is used for? Below are a few stories of remarkable children whose progress depended on the work of ALYN Hospital, which in turn depends on Wheels of Love to make these treatments possible. Tell these stories to your friends and family and ask them to make a donation to help children like the ones described below


As a point of true beshert, Meori’s family was connected to ALYN Hospital in a special way – Meori’s father, Hovav, had been participating in the Wheels of Love bike ride, raising funds for ALYN Hospital, since 2005. For Hovav, ALYN was already a place he considered his second home. Combining bike riding with the mitzvah of tzedakah is something he looks forward to year after year. So, without thinking twice, he contacted Dr. Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN Hospital, and asked if Meori could be admitted there for the duration of his rehabilitation process, to which Dr. Beeri agreed. In Hovav’s words: “To us, it was clear we were going home.” See the whole story…


Etai shares, as is typical of a boy his age, that he is happy that he does not have to go to school, but later in the conversation admits that the thought of being able to return to the classroom with his friends motivates him to continue rehabilitation and invest every day despite the difficulties and pain. “Knowing that I’ll be joining my friends later makes me optimistic. I work as hard I can. It’s not fun that I still cannot be one of the gang in the simple way I used to be. Friends do come to visit when possible, but it’s not the same as meeting in the morning, going to school and then meeting up again in the afternoon.” See the whole story…


Germana Basso is a volunteer at ALYN Hospital. At 22-years-old, she has completed her service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and will soon be entering medical school at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Another piece of her life story is that she spent much of her first six years of life receiving rehabilitation at ALYN Hospital. See the whole story…

We know that for many of you, the thought of asking friends for money to fundraise for the ride is uncomfortable and might be uncharted territory. Don’t worry – fundraising is much easier and more rewarding than you might expect, especially when you are raising money for such an incredible cause. ALYN Hospital is such a unique and special place, that once you share with others about the hospital and the children receiving rehabilitation there, people will be willing to support you. How do we know? We have over 20 years of experience and thousands of riders who have successfully raised money for ALYN as proof.


Remember, the people who will sponsor you will do so because of your relationship with them. They are YOUR friends and YOUR family! They trust what you have to say. The more personal you can make the request, the better. Start by personalizing your fundraising page. You can login to your page and personalize the text and upload a special picture of yourself. Once you have your page set up the way you like it, send the link with an email to your contacts. You can post it on Facebook or other social media. Again, the more personal you can make the request, the more likely you are to receive a favorable response. Remember the four basic rules:

  1. Aim high. Set an ambitious fundraising goal for yourself. The minimum you need to raise is between $4,000 and $5,500, but we hope you will aim for more. If you can ride for four days straight, up and down hills, through all types of weather, you can certainly go the extra mile for the children of ALYN. Over 50% of riders raise over $6,000. That’s a great goal.
  2. Make a personal donation. Lead by example. To convince others to make a contribution, it helps to show that you are equally committed to the cause. Your registration fee helps pay for the ride logistics; donations are sent directly to the hospital.
  3. Ask friends and family. It’s easiest to start with those closest to you. Once you convey your excitement about participating in Wheels of Love and they learn about ALYN, they will be happy to support you. Suggest an amount with which they would be comfortable.
  4. Expand your asking circle. If you think beyond closest family and friends, there are endless possibilities: neighbors, work colleagues and business associates, acquaintances from school, college, synagogue/church, the health club and your biking club. If you work for a company with a matching gifts program, you may be able to multiply the effect of your gift. A basic rule of fundraising is that the main reason people give is because they have been asked by someone they know and trust. That someone is you!

Thank you letters. Make sure to send a short, personal thank you to each sponsor. Your sponsors will also receive an official thank you and receipt from ALYN, but they will appreciate the personal outreach and the sincere gratitude. OTHER FUNDRAISING IDEAS Corporate sponsorships. Wheels of Love offers public relations opportunities in exchange for corporate sponsorships. There are a number of underwriting opportunities. Please contact the office with questions. Fundraising events. Fundraising doesn’t only have to include sending emails and letters. A number of our riders have come up with creative ways to engage their friends, family members and community to help raise funds for their ride. Things that have been done in the past:

  • Spin class held at a local gym
  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Trampoline park outing
  • Team gear (hats, training jerseys) created with corporate sponsorships
  • Wine and cheese reception

If there is an event you would like to hold, the office would be happy to help in any way we can, including sending ALYN swag. We are here to support you in your fundraising. Please contact us at any time for ideas or to edit your fundraising page online. Good luck with this important task and we can’t wait to see you!

New to fundraising? Looking for a few tips to help you collect sponsorships? A few Wheels of Love veteran riders explain how they have raised way beyond the minimum for ALYN.

Barry & Jill Levenfeld
Home: Jerusalem, Israel Years Riding Wheels of Love: 22 (Barry), 21 (Jill) Lifetime Fundraising: $731,275

Click here or on picture to hear Barry & Jill’s tips

Jay Bailey

Home: Efrat, Israel Years Riding Wheels of Love: 9 Lifetime Fundraising: $42,212 Click here or on picture to hear Jay’s tips

Rocky Brody

Home: Alon Shevut, Israel Years Riding Wheels of Love: 11 Lifetime Fundraising: $32,827 Click here or on picture to hear Rocky’s tips

Robert Feldman

Home: Chicago, IL  USA Years Riding Wheels of Love: 21 Lifetime Fundraising: $139,370 Click here or on picture to hear Robert’s tips

Steven Nachman

Home: Plainview, NY  USA Years Riding Wheels of Love: 13 Lifetime Fundraising: $274,338 Click here or on picture to hear Steven’s tips

If you use the letters below, make sure to personalize it with your name and the link to your fundraising page. To send these letters automatically, just go to your funraising page, log in, and select the sponsors you wish to send the letter to.

Sample letter

Dear This November I will be participating in the Wheels of Love Israel bike ride for my XX year. Wheels of Love is a 4-day ride to benefits ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. ALYN is Israel’s only pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital and a global leader in pediatric rehabilitation. Every year, over 3,300 children come to ALYN for multidisciplinary, innovative – medical and therapeutic care. Money raised through Wheels of Love is critical to ensuring that ALYN can continue to do amazing work – turning disabilities into abilities! The financial toll of the global pandemic means that we need your support now more than ever. This year’s fundraising goal for Wheels of Love is to raise $3 million. This will help bridge the financial gap between the actual cost of the state-of-the-art rehabilitation services provided to the children and the reimbursements received. My personal fundraising goal is $XXXX. Please contribute generously to this import cause by donating using a credit card on my rider’s page at xxxxx or send a check to: United States American Friends of ALYN Hospital 122 E. 42nd Street, Suite 1519, New York, NY  10168. The American Friends of ALYN is a qualifying 501(c)(3) organization, and your contribution is tax deductible in the US. If you work for a company with a matching gifts program, you may be able to multiply the effect of your gift. Israel ALYN Hospital 84 Shmaryahu Levin Street Kiryat Yovel, P.O.B. 9117 Jerusalem, 91090 Friends of ALYN Hospital has a contribution certificate from the tax authorities according to section #46 of the Income Tax regulation. Donations are tax deductible under Israeli law. Thank you, in advance, for changing the lives of the children at ALYN!

Wheels of Love Incentive Gifts

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Money Raised
76% raised of $3,000,000
Money Raised
76% raised of $3,000,000
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