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Wheels of Love 2019

20 years riding for the children of ALYN

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November 10, 2019
Money Raised*
6% raised of $3,000,000

The 20th anniversary ride: November 10-14, 2019.

For 20 years, riders from around the world have been coming to Israel to participate in ALYN’s Wheels of Love. In 2000, 9 riders raised $60,000 to help the children of ALYN. Last year, 554 riders raised $3,756,000 while spending a week riding the best routes — both road and trail — in Israel. It has become one of the top charity bike rides in the world, and we invite you to come on a special ride for a special cause.

ALYN is the only place in Israel that specializes in treating children who have been severely injured in accidents or acts of terror, suffer from degenerative disease, or were born with significant physical challenges. The remarkable team of dedicated doctors and therapists at ALYN work tirelessly with these children.  Our goal is to return them to their families, empowered to live as independently as possible.

We welcome you to come join this amazing opportunity.

The Routes

In 20 years, the ALYN Wheels of Love ride has grown from a single route to 6 riding routes and a hiking route. The biggest selection is in our road routes where we offer riders 4 choices that vary in speed, distance, and climbing.

To help you select the right route, please click here for our guide.

If after riding in the route you select, you find it too fast or too slow and would like to switch, you will be able to do so after dinner in the hotel lobby. 

If you are still not sure which group you should select, send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

The detailed route descriptions below will give you more information to help you make your choice. Please note that the maps are subject to change.

Main Trail Group Daily Avg: 40km (25 miles) — Technical Level: Moderate with some single tracks. Bikes can be walked around obstacles.

Stronger riders who reach specified time-check points have the option to ride Enduro segments of 10-15 km extra riding with more technical terrain.

GPX Files

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday

The 2019 Wheels of Love Trail and Enduro groups start on the slopes of the shaded Biriya Forest. Biriya Forest is the largest planted forest in the Galilee, and is situated on the slopes descending east from Tzfat to Rosh Pina. Biriya boasts a variety of fascinating sites – groves, springs, an ancient synagogue, a lime pit, revered tombs, diverse flora, hiking trails and scenic lookouts.

It also is home to an exciting single that we will ride in 2 sections — one today and the second on Monday. The single is flat and fast, not so technical, and offers beautiful views on the Hula Valley. After descending, we cross the Dishon dry riverbed and climb to Yechiam where we will pass the ruins of an ancient synagogue. After a long, refreshing descent, we finish at the Yarden Estates Boutique Hotel, our home for the next three days.

44 km +525 m/-1,284 m  —  27 mi  +1,725 ft/-4,212 ft

We start the day by climbing towards the foothills of the Golan Heights. Along the way, we will ride the second part of the Biriya Forest Single. While yesterday’s segment was mostly flat, today’s will be a tough but manageable climb. At the top, there is a very steep descent in which we will drop 400 meters in just over 2 kilometers (15 % grade!) But it is along switchbacks and not so technical. Riders should give space to others and stay on the brakes for a safe descent. We finish the descent by Rosh Pina and then continue back to the Hula Valley.

42.7 km +858 m/-858 m  —  26.5 mi  +2,815 ft/-2,815 ft

Tuesday will be a long day for the Trail and Enduro routes. We leave early and head North, all the way to Kiryat Shemona, one of Israel’s Northernmost towns. The first part of the trail will be flat as we cross the plains of the Upper Galilee. Then the path turns upward as we climb until we hit the Ramot Naftali Single, high above Kiryat Shemona. We then descend to the foothills of the Golan Heights.

62 km +682 m/-682 m  —  38.5 mi  +2,237 ft/-2,237 ft


We ride almost continuously South on the final day of our time in the North. The path follows the Jordan River, along the line that divides the Galilee from the Golan Heights. The trail is mostly flat or gradually downhill with just a couple small ascents. We finish by the “Park Yarden,” one of Israel largest national parks.

We are currently planning the routes. We will soon have more details. Check back soon!

Road Group Daily Avg: 70km (45 miles) — Climbing: 900m (2,700 ft) —  Pace 18kph (11 mph) — Pit stops: 3

GPX Files

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday

The main road group departs from our starting area at Biriya Forest and will finish at the Hacienda Hotel, where riders will stay through Thursday. Sunday’s route is an impressive tour crossing the Upper Galilee, with views of Tsfat and Mount Meron, one of the highest peaks in Israel. The route encircles the mountains but does not ascend them. While there are some gentle climbs, most of the day’s ride is either gradual descent or flat roads helping riders get  accustomed to the week of riding that awaits. 

70 km +1,047 m/-1,198 m  —  43 mi  +3,435 ft/-3,930 ft

Today will feature a tough but spectacular climb right up to Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon. While there is almost 1,500 meters of climbing, the total distance is only 65 kilometers. The ride begins along a special “scenic route” built by the Israel National Fund with beautiful view of the Galilee.  

65 km +1,047 m/-1,198 m  —  40 mi  +4,809 ft/-4,809 ft

On Tuesday, the route is a bit easier as the route spends most of the day along the picturesque Mediterranean coast in Israel’s Northwest corner. From Rosh Hanikra the views are spectacular. We ride along the coast and the only significant climb today is when we return to our hotel at Ma’alot.

84 km +1,100 m/-1,100 m  —  52 mi  +3,608 ft/-3,608 ft

After four days in the Galilee, the Road groups travels south. The route winds along green hills and through lush valleys as riders travel from the Upper to the Lower Galilee and then on to the Mount Carmel National Park. When the ride finishes for the day, riders will board coach buses that will take us to Jerusalem’s Yearim Hotel. Wednesday night all riders will come together for our awards dinner.

73 km +936 m/-1,476 m  —  45 mi  +3,070 ft/-4,842 ft

The final day of the 2019 ALYN Wheels of Love ride begins in the hills around Jerusalem and will end at the incredible finish line at ALYN Hospital where riders will be warmly embraced and presented with commemorative medallions by hundreds of children being treated at ALYN and their families. 

72 km +1,463 m/-1,042 m  —  45 mi  +4,800 ft/-3,418 ft

Road PLUS Group Daily Average: 90km (56 miles) — Climbing: 1,100m (3,300 ft) — Pace 25kph (16 mph)

GPX Files

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday

Road Plus starts with a beautiful and challenging tour of the Galilee. After leaving Biriya Forest, the route heads up through the mountains of Tsfat and Rosh Pina. Riders descend to the Kinneret for a short ride along the coast and then takes on the climb from the Old Testament village of Capernaum up into the heights of the Upper Galilee, finishing at the Hacienda Hotel in Ma’alot, where all road riders will be based for four days.

88 km +1,640 m/-1765 m  —  54 mi  +5,380 ft/-5,790 ft

Today will feature two tough but spectacular climbs. The first ascends the switchback road that leads to Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon. The second will be up to the top of Mount Meron, one of the highest peaks in Israel. Altogether, the day includes nearly 2,000 meters (6,561 ft) of climbing. The ride begins along a special “scenic route” built by the Israel National Fund with beautiful view of the Galilee.

85 km +1,959 m/-1,959 m  —  53 mi  +6,427 ft/-6,427 ft

After two days with a great deal of climbing, Day #3 is a long but gentle route that includes a ride along the Mediterranean Coast to the sea-cliffs and grotto of Rosh Hanikra. 

93 km +1,133 m/-1,133 m  —  58 mi  +3,717 ft/-3,717 ft


We leave the Galilee on Wednesday and head for the beautiful Mount Carmel National Park. At Zichron Yaakov we will board buses to take us to the outskirts of Jerusalem for the awards evening and the final day of riding.

92 km +1,118 m/-1,535 m  —  53 mi  +3,667 ft/-5,036 ft


The final day of the 2019 ALYN Wheels of Love ride begins in the hills around Jerusalem and will end at the incredible finish line at ALYN Hospital where riders will be warmly embraced and presented with commemorative medallions by hundreds of children being treated at ALYN and their families. 

72 km +1,463 m/-1,042 m  —  45 mi  +4,800 ft/-3,418 ft

Challenge Group Daily Average: 120km (75 miles) — Climbing: 1,600m (4,800 ft) — Pace 30kph (19 mph)

GPX Files

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday

The Challenge route will kick off the 20th anniversary ride in Biriya Forest. For the first 30 kilometers, the route winds down to the Kinneret and then turns down the coast. At the Old Testament village of Capernaum, the climb begins. After a challenging climb, the route heads West and traverses the Galilee. The ride finishes in Ma’alot at the Hacienda hotel, where all road riders will stay for four days.

Today is a challenging day of climbing across the Galilee. From the switchback road that ascends to Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon to the mountain city of Tsfat, the day includes over 2,500 meters (8,200 ft) of climbing. The ride begins along a special “scenic route” built by the Israel National Fund with beautiful view of the Galilee.

Tuesday will be a bit more relaxed with less climbing as we spend much of the day riding along the coast, from Haifa to Rosh Hanikra.  



Today is the day Challenge riders have been waiting for. Just as we did two years ago, we will climb the Hermon and complete a full 100 mile century ride. The ride heads off to the East across the Galilee and then heading North through the Golan Heights all the way until we reach the summit of the Hermon. Because of the length of the route today, we will have to enforce strict cut-off times so that we can ride back down to the Kinneret and board the buses that will take us back to Jerusalem to join the other riders at the awards evening. 

161 km +2,767 m/-3,523 m  —  100 mi  +9,080 ft/-11,558 ft


Touring Group Daily Average: 32km (20 miles) — Climbing: 400m (1,300 ft) — Pace 18kph (11 mph)

The Touring Group will ride each morning around 35 kilometers and then go on a special tour in the region where we will be riding. Tours are tentative and subject to change.

GPX Files

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday

After riding through the shaded Biriya Forest and westward through the growing city of Karmiel, the Touring group will leave their bicycles and take a tour of the fascinating village of Piki’in. This is currently a Druse village with a history of Jewish habitation dating from thousands of years. However, today there is only one Jewish inhabitant of the city remains. She maintains the city’s ancient Jewish sites. 

The ancient synagogue of Piki’in has a wall that includes two stones that were taken from  the original Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. The 100 shekel currency used to feature former Israeli president Yitzhak Ben-Zvi with the Peki’in synagogue on the reverse side. Thousands of years ago, Piki’in was an important Jewish center of learning in the heart of the Galilee.

The Touring Group will begin the day riding mostly along the beautiful Galilee Scenic Route built by the Jewish National Fund. We will accompany the main Road Group until the big climb to the Lebanese border. Instead of going up this 10 km mountain, we will take two tours. The first will be to the famous sea-cliff of Rosh Hanikra. The cliffs sit on Israel’s North-Western corner. Thousands of years of Mediterranean waves pounding against the rocks have hollowed out the grottos underground where we will tour. 

After Touring Rosh Hanikra, the plan is to visit the Israeli Army unit that is stationed along a border road where tunnels from Lebanon were recently discovered and destroyed. 


After spending the morning riding with the main Road group, we will arrive at the ancient city of Acre (Acco.) Acre is a world UNESCO Heritage site and dates back thousands of years. In fact, it is considered among the oldest inhabited places on Earth. Visitors can see various buildings and artifacts from the Early Bronze Age (3000 BCE) to sites that played a significant role in the history of modern Israel. The city played a prominent role during the Crusader period. It was also home to the prison where Jewish leaders fighting for Israel’s independence during the British mandate were sent and some of them executed.


We spend out last day in Israel’s North riding South through the Lower Galilee, which has a distinctive look and feel from the Upper Galilee. After riding a few hours with the Road group, we dismount and board our bus for a tour of the Carmel Mountain and the Hai-Bar Animal Sanctuary. The Hai Bar is devoted to the raising of endangered and extinct animals of the region and possible re-introduction to the wild.

The Hiking Group walks for about 3-4 hours along beautiful but moderately difficult trails in the same region where the riders will be. Hikers stay in the same hotels as all the road groups (road, road plus, challenge, touring) enabling non-riding partners to participate in Wheels of Love.

Hikers need to bring suitable shoes and small-medium backpacks. Food and water are provided. The Hiking Group is part of Wheels of Love and should not be confused with ALYN’s Winter “Heels of Love” desert treks.

The Summit Trail

The Mt. Meron Nature Reserve is the largest and highest nature reserve in the Galilee. After seeing all the riding groups start at the Beriya Forest, we will take a short bus ride to Mount Meron. Our guide will pick from several options depending on weather and trail conditions. Since we will be at a high altitide, it is important tow ear warm clothing.

A walk along the summit trail will take us along the highest path in the Galilee. The path encircles the peak of Mt. Meron (1,208 meters above sea level) and affords a birds-eye view of the Upper Galilee, South Lebanon and the Golan. The trail passes through rich Mediterranean woodland and undergrowth, where we are likely to see hundreds of birds during their migration south. 

A “Nachal” is Hebrew for a stream and the Nachal Amud hike is one of the most pleasant in all of Israel. A wooden path goes alongside and sometimes through a shallow stream. Depending on if there has been recent rains, it can be either dry or full of water. We will walk past numerous ancient water-mills, pools and wild-flowers.

On our return loop, we will climb the short  “Mizpe Hayamim” mountain where we can see both the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) & the Mediterranean.


Nahal Betzet is a stream in the Upper Galilee in Israel. The stream runs through the Betzet nature reserve.  The Betzet stream is the northernmost stream in Israel which empties into the Mediterranean Sea within Israel borders.

The Betzet Stream runs through limestone, and is fed by the Karkara springs. Many caves have been formed in the limestone by the stream. These include the Keshet Cave and the Namir stalactite cave, both within the Betzet nature reserve. A few ancient sites can also be found within the nature reserve. We hope to explore the caves, but it will depend on the weather and other factors. 

While those who have visited Switzerland will find the nickname of this inspiring hike in the Carmel Mountain range a bit of a stretch, it is one of Israel’s most popular “mountain” hikes. The route is at times rugged, but it is nice to walk for so long under a dense canopy of trees with interesting geological formations that we will learn about.

We will meet up with the riders who will be finishing their day in the same area and then we will take a bus to Jerusalem for the final night and the exciting finish on Thursday at ALYN.

Important Details

Challenge, Road, Road Plus, Touring

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Nights

The Hacienda Forest View

The Hecienda is set on 17 acres of natural forest and is designed to resemble a Spanish Estate. Wheels of Love has reserved the entire hotel for our stay. Come meet up and swap stories with riders from all the road groups in this pleasant retreat where we will rest and relax to prepare for the next day’s ride.



Wednesday Night

Yearim (Maale Chahamisha) Hotel

For the final night of the ride, we will return to the Maale  Chahamisha Hotel where we stayed in 2018. Conveniently located on the outskirts of Jerusalem, we will begin our final day of the ride here. The hotel will also be the scene of our special evening awards ceremony where we will distribute the fund-raising awards and loyalty jackets.



Trail and Enduro

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Nights

The Yarden Village Hotel

This lovely boutique hotel will be home to all the trail riders for three nights. Wheels of Love has reserved the entire hotel four our stay. Meet up with fellow riders where you can relax and swap stories of the ride. Of course, the grassy gardens are the perfect place for the legendary off-road “Happy Hour” parties. With many trails starting from the hotel’s location by the Yarden River, it is the perfect place for our group to stay.

Wednesday Night

Neve Illan Hotel

On the final night of the ride, we will return to the Neve Illan Hotel. As riders from 2018 can attest, the newly-renovated hotel is clean, comfortable and the food is sensational.



Wheels of Love encourages the formation of teams.  Team fundraising can be a useful and effective tool to maximize fundraising efforts and it creates a healthy sense of camaraderie among team members as well as good-natured competition with other teams.

We will set up a team fundraising page, which will be in addition to a rider’s personal fundraising page. Riders can choose to send either page to their donors.

When a donor makes a team gift, the donation is split evenly among all team members registered to the team at the time the gift is given. Each team member must still satisfy the individual fundraising minimum. Individual fundraising might be required if the team fundraising is not sufficient to meet the minimum, once team gifts are divided among all riders. (The only case where this does not apply is when the team is made up of immediate family members.)

To form a team or for questions about teams, please email us.


While we highly recommend that you bring your own bike on Wheels of Love, we understand that some prefer to rent a bike for the duration of the ride. The decision is entirely yours and we stand ready to help get you on the road whether you ship or rent your bike.

Shipping Your Bike

You should have your bike packed carefully. Most bike shops provide this service. Packing usually involves removing wheels, pedals, handlebars, and saddle, which are wrapped in foam and packed separately.

When you come to check-in at ALYN, our team of mechanics will unbox your bike and assemble it. (If you prefer, you can do this yourself.) During the ride, all bike boxes are stored at ALYN. After the ride, the mechanics will repack your bike for the flight home.

Most airlines will charge a separate fee for bringing a bike. El Al has a special deal for ALYN Wheels of Love riders. They will waive their usual fee ($150) for the trip to Israel. (The fee will be charged for the return flight.) To take advantage of this deal, riders must be departing from New York, Newark, Boston, LA, or Chicago. You must fly between October 20 and November 25.

Send an email to Hand send a copy to

Include the following information:

  • Your name as it appears on your passport
  • The date, time and number of your flight
  • Your cell phone number

The fee waiver is entered into your flight record and activated when you check-in for your flight. (Note: They do NOT send out confirmations of the fee waiver.) 

Renting a Bike

While it is preferable to bring your own bike, you can also rent either a road or a mountain bike from our supplier. We have carefully selected our supplier for providing exceptional service and pricing. If you rent a bike, your are responsible for returning the bike and for negotiating payment, insurance and repair issues directly from the provider.

Wheels of Love will treat your rental bike with the exact same policy as all bikes that are privately owned and brought on the ride by individual riders. In other words, we will handle your rental with great care.

To rent a bike, get in touch with our supplier below. You must come to ALYN during rider check-in the week before the ride. You will pick up your rental bike at ALYN and then go through the same check-in procedures as all riders.

A team of mechanics will be available to make adjustments to your rental bike. You also have the same access to our mechanics during the ride as any other rider. Often riders who rent bikes bring their own pedals and even their own seat. The mechanics will help you install these on the rental bike. Just remember to return the rental pedals and seat to the rental company when you return your bike. Asaf Rockman,, Mobile phone: (972) 052-3201273

 Days could be hot and sunny or cold and rainy. Take gear that you can ride in no matter what the weather. 

  • Cycling shorts, shoes, gloves, socks
  • We are providing a 2019 cycling jersey. At check-in, you will be able to purchase jerseys from previous years for a heavily discounted price – -while supplies last. Please wear the ALYN 2019 cycling jersey on the first and last day of the ride.
  • Bicycle helmet – PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON IT
  • Knee and elbow protectors (For off-road, only if you ride with them regularly.)
  • Spare inner tube, a simple set of tools and derailleur hanger suitable for your bike. Off-Road: spare brake disc pads.
  • Sunscreen
  • Vaseline, talcum powder, or other type of chamois cream. 
  • Touring riders: Small bag with comfortable clothes and shoes for touring.
  • OVERSEAS Participants need to have their passport and insurance information on them at all times
  • ISRAELIS need their identity card and kupat cholim card
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Band-Aid and medications
  • Toilet paper, wet wipes
  • Casual Clothes for relaxing in the evenings
  • Money/Credit Card- Take into account that while the mechanics service is free, parts are extra. All meals/hotel rooms are included.
  • Ear plugs (for those noisy roommates)
  • Bathing suit
  • Laundry detergent, Rope to put up clothes line
  1. How much do I need to raise to participate?
  2. What happens if a rider does not meet the minimum fundraising requirements?
  3. How difficult is the ALYN Wheels of Love ride?
  4. What is included on the ride?
  5. Is ALYN’s Wheels of Love safe?
  6. Do I need spending money?
  7. Is the food kosher? Can I pray with a minyan?
  8. What are the Terms & Conditions of the ride? What if I need to cancel?

1. How much do I need to raise to participate?

The minimum fundraising requirements depend on which route you choose.

For the 2019 Wheels of Love ride, the amounts are:

Trail & Enduro: $3,000

On Road & Touring: $3,500

Challenge: $4,000

Single day ride, both on road and off: 750 shekels ($200)

2. What happens if a rider does not meet the minimum fundraising requirements?

The goal of Wheels of Love, in addition to producing a world-class riding experience for our riders, is to raise as much money as possible for the children of ALYN Hospital.  Participation in Wheels of Love involves making a binding commitment to raise the minimum amount of funds required by the Ride Organizing Committee.  All riders who have not met their obligations at check-in must give credit card details before taking part in Wheels of Love.

Any rider who has not raised the required amount by December 31, 2019 will be charged the shortfall. Please note that the credit card will not be charged prior to December 31, 2019, two months after the ride so there is plenty of time to continue additional fundraising in order make up the deficit.  Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to satisfy (and hopefully far exceed your fundraising obligation ) prior to the ride.

3. What is included on the ride?

On each of the four nights of Wheels of Love (Sunday through Wednesday night), riders stay in three or four star hotels. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and convenient. We eat breakfast and dinner in the hotels.

During the day, we serve lunch half way through the route, usually soup and sandwiches and an occasional surprise. There are also numerous pit stops where healthy snack food is served. At the end of the riding day, you can relax with a cold beer and some protein and carbs at our après ride party. The food is never ending and don’t expect to lose any weight on the Ride regardless of how much time you spend in the saddle.

You will receive a deluxe CRAFT ALYN riding jersey with registration. 

During the ride, we provide complete support. That means that we have mechanics, medics, and a sweep bus to pick up riders who are having a hard time keeping up or just want a breather. We also have escort vehicles and staff ready to help if any need arises. All routes have lead and trailing vehicles. We will transport your luggage between hotels. You can also pack a small day bag that will accompany the On Road and Touring routes and which will be deposited for you at the next rest stop.

Every night the mechanics will set up shop at the hotel to make any repairs that riders need. Should you need a part, you can purchase almost anything you need for your bike — from tires to derailleurs. Please check our packing list to find out what to bring. We try and provide just about everything you might need to make Wheels of Love an exceptional experience.

4. Is ALYN's Wheels of Love safe?

Rider safety is our very first priority. We work very closely with the Israeli police and military in planning our routes. We are also in constant contact with governmental authorities in the event of a security issue. Israeli police escorts stop traffic, keep intersections clear and ensure that oncoming traffic stays in the proper lane.  

Many of the roads we ride on will be completely closed to traffic while we are riding through. In addition to police escorts, each route has a professional route manager who is responsible for the safety of all riders on the route. In the event of an accident, we have experienced medics accompanying each route who can provide immediate medical assistance.

While we make every attempt to keep you safe, riders are also largely responsible for the safety of the ride.  Please read over our “rider safety” page and familiarize yourself with the “rules of the road” so you can do your part in keeping the ride safe for all our riders.

5. Do I need spending money?

On the ride itself, you certainly don’t need to bring substantial spending money.  We provide everything you need over these five days, including hotels, meals and all logistics.   Of course, you may want to bring a little extra for souvenirs or some single malt scotch but as far as we are concerned, once you step on the bus on Saturday night or Sunday morning, you can leave your wallet at home.

6. How difficult is the ALYN Wheels of Love ride?

Wheels of Love is a five day bike ride. Every day, you will ride from approximately 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM.  

While every route has pit stops and lunch breaks, you should be able to ride for 6-7 hours each day.

The on road routes are often hilly and include multiple climbs that can be both steep and long. However, should you have trouble keeping up, we have an air conditioned bus that accompanies the ride every day that you can easily hop on and take a well-earned breather.

Most of the trail riding is done along rugged jeep and hiking trails that can be muddy and dusty. Don’t expect to be clean at the end of the day!!!! Some parts of the trail are technical and require advanced riding skills. If you find it too challenging or too technical, don’t worry – you can just get off your bike, walk through the technical part and then get back on once the trail levels out again.

If you can’t keep up, there is always a sweeper vehicle that you can hop on until you are ready to ride again.

While Wheels of Love is definitely a serious ride, we have designed the routes to appeal to a wide range of cyclists. Strong and competitive riders who are interested in riding hard and fast will love our Challenge group. Those who want to ride at a slightly lower pace can join our new Road Plus route.

Riders who prefer a relaxed pace and don’t want to spend more than half the day in the saddle, can join our Touring group which spends the afternoons enjoying unique tours of the biblical landscape. Similarly, we have Trail riders of all different abilities who can choose the regular Trail group or the more advanced Enduro group. Our largest group is the Road route and this group includes cyclists of varying levels.

Regardless of your level, we encourage you to train regularly in the months leading up to the ride. The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy this incredible experience. Check out our routes, including the mileage and elevation and see which is right for you.

7. Is the food kosher? Can I pray with a minyan?

Kashrut policy All food provided on the Wheels of Love (WOL) Bike Ride is kosher and has valid kashrut certification. This includes fruit, all of which is purchased from suppliers who certify that their products adhere to kashrut requirements for מצוות התלויות בארץ (mitzvot teluyot b’aretz). 

During the Ride, kashrut certificates for items that are not prepared under the supervision of the kitchen are available from the WOL staff upon request. This includes fruit and nuts served at rest stops.

Soups served at lunch are prepared in a kitchen with kashrut certification. They are cooked, heated and served from pots belonging to the kitchen involved. Dishes and spoons are disposable. Sandwiches are packaged individually. Each has individual kashrut certification.

Glatt kosher food for the five-day ride is available for an extra cost.


Many of our riders and volunteers are religious and therefore daily minyanim are held at the guesthouses/hotels and at the lunch stops. On Monday and Thursday mornings, we make sure that a Sefer Torah is available. Every year some of the Wheels of Love participants even learn the “daf yomi” together!

8. What are the Terms & Conditions of the ride? What if I need to cancel?

As a condition of participation, you must have read and accepted the event terms and conditions and the ride cancellation policy.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

$5000: ALYN Gloves & Socks

Show your support for ALYN on your hands and your feet! Our special padded riding gloves will reduce road and trail vibrations while the ALYN dry-fit socks keep your feet comfortable after many hours of pedaling. 

$7,500: Summer Bib

From the same supplier who is providing us with elite quality riding jerseys, we will have a limited number of summer bid shorts. Quality chamois for hours of comfort yet lightweight and flexible, these shorts are perfect for when the weather gets hot.

$10,000: ALYN Winter Jersey

Our winter jersey is a true cold weather jersey. With ALYN branded design, this premium jersey is ONLY available for those who raise more than $10,000! It’s not for sale. For those who like to ride year round, it will keep you warm even when the weather is frigid.

$15,000: Wheels of Love Wind Vest

Keep warm on windy days with the ALYN Wheels of Love Wind Vest. 

Why Ride for ALYN?

See full list >
November 10, 2019
Money Raised*
6% raised of $3,000,000
See full list >
November 10, 2019
Money Raised*
6% raised of $3,000,000
Wheels of Love 2019