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Sky Dive for ALYN


0% raised of $25,000

Jump for the Children of ALYN:

Tentatively Scheduled for July 24th. Please contact us for more details. 

For the fifth year, ALYN Children’s Hospital invites you to sky-dive with us!

We will be sky-diving with Paradive over Hof HaBonim. This is one of the most beautiful skydiving sites in the world, and skydivers enjoy the amazing views of the sea, the countryside and the amazing shoreline. Dedicate your jump to the children treated at ALYN Hospital by donating and raising money from friends and family. 

ALYN specializes in treating children severely injured in accidents, acts of terror, or other trauma. Our goal is to return them to their families, empowered to live as independently as possible. Events like sky-diving help ALYN provide these children with the services they need.

QUESTIONS? Contact us!

More Information

Registration is 500 NIS

Jumpers commit to raising a minimum of $750 or 2,500 shekels for the young heroes at ALYN Hospital. After registering, we will send you an online fundraising page to collect sponsorships from friends and family.

Looking for an incredible Bar/Bat Mitzvah project that will provide lifelong memories while helping those less fortunate? Why not come sky-diving with ALYN?

We can arrange a tour of the hospital to meet the kids who will be helped by this project. Then from friends and family, raising the 2,000 shekels will be easy.

We think that with enough inspiration, many times that can be raised by a motivated young man or woman.

Bring the whole family to witness the event! 


Bring your family and friends to watch you jump.

The morning starts with light refreshments and an instructions. Then the jumpers are divided into groups. An instructor will take each group to get them suited up and provide instructions.

The aircraft takes each group up and then returns to pick up the next group.

One year, an extended family of 30 adults and kids joined together to sponsor their grandparents. Everyone came to watch and enjoy the food and atmosphere!


Want to know how it feels to sky-dive in ALYN’s “The Sky is the Limit” project?

Here’s what Julie Zola, one of last year’s participants had to say:

“Fund raising for ALYN by sky diving was the most exhilarating, rewarding, fulfilling experience!

It far exceeded my expectations.”

Watch the video on the right of Julie’s jump!

You must be between the ages of 12 and 65 and weigh no more than 99 kilo (220 pounds). All jumpers must be approved by the sky-diving school. 

At Paradive, you will be asked to fill out the form below. If you answer YES to any of the questions, Paradive may not allow you to sky-dive. Please take a look at the questions and let us know if the answer to any would be yes so we can make sure ahead of time that you will be able to participate.


In order to avoid unnecessary risks, please fill out this statement of medical fitness and also specify any cases you may think are insignificant or have nothing to do with skydiving. In each section, list your current condition as well as past events.

Paradive reserves the right to cancel a skydive at any stage when suspecting it may involve higher than usual risk.

Height (cm): ________________      Weight (kg): ________________


Are you currently suffering from any illnesses? (Please specify even light disorders, such as a cold, headache, nausea, etc.)





Dislocated shoulder/knee?





Fractures or sprains





Back and skeletal disorders (not allowed to skydive without medical clearance)





Herniated or bulging disc (not allowed to skydive without medical clearance)





Bone related disorders (not allowed to skydive without medical clearance)





Ear disorders





Motion sickness










Taking medication





Any form of disability





Have you been hospitalized in the past three years?





Are you intoxicated? (Not allowed to skydive)





Did you go scuba diving in the past 24 hours? (Not allowed to skydive)





Please specify any issue or event related to your medical condition not mentioned on this form





Are you currently pregnant? (Not allowed to skydive)





Have you given birth in the past three months? (Not allowed to skydive)





Were you involved in an accident or have you sustained injury in the past three years?







Safety is extremely important to us.

Before the jump, there is a mandatory instruction meeting. Afterwards, the instructors will fit you with a flight suit and headgear. You can ask them any questions of express and concerns, they have heard it all.

You will be doing a tandem jump, which means you jump while attached to a highly experienced professional guide for the entire duration of your jump. All you need to do is take that first step. After about 45 seconds of free fall, the instructor pulls the cord and you spend the next few minutes slowly gliding back down to the ground.


We will give you a custom ALYN T-shirt.  Other than that, wear loose fitting clothing and shoes with closed toes (no sandals). Women should not wear short skirts. Leave all your valuables with a friend on the ground. You cannot take a phone or camera, but there are many options to photograph and video your jump.

From the time you suit up until you are back on the ground is about 30 minutes. We will split everyone up into groups of six and a group will board the plane every half an hour. We will let you know in advance what time your flight is. Our goal is to have the flights in the morning so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

We will be serving a light breakfast while you wait for your flight. 

ALYN Hospital treats children from infancy through adolescence who require intense rehabilitation and therapy. Some children come to ALYN after being injured in terrorist attacks or car accidents. Others suffer from degenerative congenital disease that make mobility and independent action difficult.

ALYN treats each child with a customized plan that meets that child’s specific needs. Often the cost of this treatment exceeds the budget allotted by the government and ALYN must raise the rest of the funds independently.

Those who participate in our projects save lives with the donations they raise for ALYN.

A few reasons why you should jump out of a plane for the children of ALYN

0% raised of $25,000
0% raised of $25,000
Sky Dive for ALYN