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Sky Dive for ALYN


April 22, 2019
0% raised of $60000

The Sky is the Limit: April 22nd, 2019

When was the last time you did something so out-of-the-box, so spontaneous, so adrenaline inducing that your kids were genuinely dazzled by your daring and your youthfulness? 

How about jumping out of a plane to support children with serious physical challenges?

Here is our challenge to you:  On Chol Hamoed Pesach,  we invite you to transcend your physical and psychological barriers and jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet above the earth.   Experience the incomparable sensation of free falling at 200 KPH followed by weightlessly floating towards the earth.  All you have to do is raise $1,000 for the children of ALYN.



More Information

Why not try jumping from 12,000 feet instead of 10,000. The extra 2,000 feet is all free fall! Simply raise at least $1,500 dollars for ALYN and leave the rest to us. 

Bring your family and friends to watch you jump.

The morning starts with light refreshments and an instructions. Then the jumpers are divided into groups of 6. An instructor will take each group to get them suited up and provide instructions.

The aircraft takes each group up and then returns to pick up the next group.

We will be providing an amazing kosher l’Pesach barbecue for all attendees. Each jumper is allotted 2 tickets to the all-you-can eat barbecue. If you need more, that’s no problem. You can reserve extra places either when you register or by emailing us up to the week before at Each extra person you bring is $50 for adults (over 16) and $30 for kids.

One year, an extended family of 30 adults and kids joined together to sponsor their grandparents. Everyone came to watch and enjoy the food and atmosphere!


Want to know how it feels to sky-dive in ALYN’s “The Sky is the Limit” project?

Here’s what Julie Zola, one of last year’s participants had to say:

“Fund raising for ALYN by sky diving was the most exhilarating, rewarding, fulfilling experience!

It far exceeded my expectations.”

Watch the video on the right of Julie’s jump!

For 2019, the nominal registration fee is $50 or 175 shekels. Jumpers commit to raising a minimum of $1,000 or 3,500 shekels for the young heroes at ALYN Hospital. 

Raising money is much easier than you think as friends, colleagues and relatives will typically be happy to sponsor you for doing something so radical on behalf of such a fantastic cause.  Of course, you will receive a personalized online fundraising page to make the process simple.

So take the plunge and be a hero, to your own kids and those at ALYN Hospital.  

For the second year in a row, we will be jumping with Sky Kef, located close to Ber Sheva. It’s about an hour by car from Jerusalem. 

Sky Kef is Israel’s premier sky-diving site. They have the most experienced staff and have help thousands of people each year safely experience the thrill of sky-diving.

This small, charter airport is easy to get to and has plenty of parking. While you jump, your friends and family can watch and take pictures from nearby picnic tables.

It’s the perfect family activity for Pesach Chol Hamoed.



You must be between 12 and 65 and weigh no more than 99 kilo (220 pounds) in order to jump.

When you get there, we will match you with an instructor of similar size.

Final approval to jump is up to Sky Kef. Safety is their first priority.

The first parachute jump in history was made by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, the inventor of the parachute, on October 22, 1797. Garnerin tested his contraption by leaping from a hydrogen balloon 3,200 feet above Paris. Garnerin’s parachute bore little resemblance to today’s parachutes, however, as it was not packed into any sort of container and did not feature a ripcord.

The first intentional freefall jump with a ripcord-operated deployment was not made until over a century later by Leslie Irvin in 1919.

While Georgia Broadwick made an earlier free-fall in 1914 when her static line became entangled with her jump aircraft’s tail assembly, her free-fall descent was not planned. Broadwick cut her static line and deployed her parachute manually, only as a means of freeing herself from the aircraft to which she had become entangled.

The military developed parachuting technology as a way to save aircrews from emergencies aboard balloons and aircraft in flight, and later as a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield. Early competitions date back to the 1930s, and it became an international sport in 1952. (From Wikepedia)

In 2014, Alan Eustace, a vice-president of Google set the record for parachuting by jumping from 25 miles high.

Eustace embarked on the supersonic skydive near the top of the stratosphere over Roswell, New Mexico, just after dawn on Friday, exceeding the speed of sound as he was in free fall, the BBC reports. He was lifted from an abandoned runway at the airport tethered to a high-altitude helium balloon, which took over two hours to make its ascent, according to the New York Times. When he reached his jump point – over 25 miles high – Eustace dangled for a half hour to enjoy the experience.

Any healthy person between the ages of 12 and 65 who weighs no more than 99 kilo (220 pounds) can jump.

A few reasons why you should jump out of a plane for the children of ALYN



So you are ready to tackle the ultimate challenge of jumping from a plane thousands of meters above the ground. And you are doing it for an amazing cause.

But just how do you raise money?

No worries, my friend. Fundraising is much easier and rewarding than you think, especially when you are raising money for such an incredible cause. Raising money for the children of ALYN is so compelling, that people are usually more than happy to help. How do we know this?  We have the benefit of 18 years of experience and thousands of successful fundraising riders to prove it.

Before you can effectively ask others for help, it is important that you know a bit about the young heroes on whose behalf you are riding.

Here’s what 13 year old Zina said when, after 14 months of intensive rehabilitation at ALYN after a devastating car accident, she was finally able to return home:

“After my accident, I never thought I would be myself again but ALYN made it possible. They never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself.  ALYN gave me the strength, the tools and the desire to face the future.   They loved me and believed in me and showed me how to overcome every obstacle. Thank you ALYN, from the bottom  of my heart.”

ALYN treats thousands of children like Zina each year. These are real children, not abstract statistics. Every dollar you raise is used by ALYN to provide state of the art treatment to the children who seek our help every day. Learn more about the children of ALYN’s kids whose lives have been changed by the money raised by riders just like you. (See the section below “Meet some of the children of ALYN.”

Four Simple Steps: Fundraising can be broken down into four simple steps.
The four steps to successful fund-raising:

Step #1 — Aim high: Set an ambitious and inspiring fundraising goal for yourself. Although the minimum you need to raise is between $3,000 and $4,000, we KNOW that you can raise more. If you can ride for 5 days straight, up and down hills, through all types of weather, you can certainly go the extra mile for the children of ALYN. More than half the riders raise at least $5,000. That’s a great goal. Please consider starting there.

Step #2 — Make a personal donation. This can be even a small amount. But to convince others to make a contribution, it is always helpful to lead by example. Your registration fees go into paying for the Ride logistics. But donations are used to help the children.

Step #3 — Ask Friends and Family. It’s always best to start with the easiest sell so start with family and close friends. Explain what you are doing. Suggest an amount that you know they can manage. Before you know it, you will be making progress toward your goal.

Step #4 — Ask Everyone! Write that email, send the WhatsAPP or make those calls! There is a basic rule in ALL fundraising: The main reason people give is that they have been asked by someone they know and trust. That person is YOU!

Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends your goal and how much more you need to achieve it. Don’t sell yourself short! We believe in you, and you should too!

Remember that you are giving your friends the opportunity to join you in an extraordinary act of kindness. ASK for the donation. Believe it or not, many people write terrific letters but then forget to actually ask for a donation.

You need to be direct and explain that they can donate online through your personal fundraising page, they can give you a check, or they can even give you cash which you can bring to ALYN.

But make sure to ask and it’s often helpful to ask for a specific amount. Sometimes people want to help but are unsure what is appropriate. If you suggest an amount, they will be more likely to give.Some people who would gladly give $500 give $50 because they weren’t asked for a higher amount.

Whom should you ask?

You will be amazed at the possibilities if you consider friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances from school, college, synagogue, the health club, biking buddies, mutual members of professional associations and business associates.

Thank You Letters: Make sure to send a short, personal thank you to each sponsor. Of course, your sponsors will also receive an official thank you and receipt from ALYN but there is nothing like the personal touch and everyone loves to be appreciated.

Timing: Although donations will still be accepted after the ride (until February 15, 2018), please try to complete your fundraising goal before the ride begin on October 29th. So in addition to your training on the bike, NOW is the time to make that phone call or send that email reminder!

Set aside some time and see what you can do — TODAY! Don’t forget about businesses and corporations that may earmark allocations to charitable causes and/or for public and community relations. ALYN Hospital offers outstanding public relations opportunities in exchange for Corporate Sponsorships (If you have a lead that might result in a corporate sponsorship opportunity, please contact Chaim Wizman at

The Children of ALYN can help!
The more you get to know about the children at ALYN and the miracles they accomplish each day, the better an ambassador you will be.

Read our information materials, visit the ALYN Hospital website and watch the video clips.

If you are in Israel, take a tour of ALYN and experience the magic firsthand. ALYN help children recover from severe injuries sustained in terrorist attacks, road accidents, head and spinal trauma, cancer treatment, and other conditions requiring extensive rehabilitation. Many children here also have been born with congenital disabilities.

ALYN’s ultimate goal is to return children to their homes with the ability to function as independently as possible. All Ride donations go directly to cover the shortfall in the costs of the of the treatment we provide to the children. ALYN has been awarded the prestigious Middot award recognizing it’s unique work and efficient utilization of donor funds. So on behalf of the children, thanks so much for your kindness.

Write those LETTERS Make those PHONE CALLS Keep up your TRAINING Make a DIFFERENCE! See you in October.

The children at ALYN are truly extraordinary. Every day they must push themselves to conquer challenges most of us cannot comprehend. Here are just a few stories of the amazing children for whom you are riding.

Eden: Battling Back from Terror

Just over a year ago, on a warm spring day, an Israeli teenage girl named Eden was riding a Jerusalem bus with her mother. A terrorist climbed on board and promptly detonated a suicide vest while sitting next to her.

Here is Eden’s description of the event:

“I was talking to a friend on the phone. I told my friend I would call her back because I wanted to play a song. I pressed play when the phone suddenly disappeared from my hand. I didn’t understand what was happening so I closed my eyes. When I opened them, everything was black. I don’t remember anything from that moment on”.

Eden was rushed to the emergency room where they stabilized her. Once her life was no longer in danger, she was transferred to ALYN for the long and difficult process of rehabilitation.

She continues the story:

“When I came here, I was in very bad shape. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t use my hands. I couldn’t stop crying. I was so scared.

I was told that I had to do therapy and I was afraid it was going to hurt. I didn’t know what the therapy would be. But they showed me that the therapy could be like a game. They came up with fun things for me and I actually looked forward to it.”

ALYN therapists are constantly thinking out of the box in order to create therapy in the form of games and fun activities so that the children will be more likely to want to do the movements and exercises that are essential for their treatment. ALYN customizes its therapeutic treatment for each child according to what will motivate them. Cooking, gardening, swimming, playing with animals – -these are not just fun kids’ stuff at ALYN – they are innovative and effective tools for treating children with severe injuries.

This summer, just one year after the attack, ALYN took Eden and other teens hiking in the Jerusalem forest. ALYN wanted to give the teens the opportunity to face the physical challenges one encounters while hiking – such as boulders and steep inclines – so that the kids develop their ability to foresee a challenge, plan a strategy to overcome it, implement the strategy and experience the satisfaction of having succeeded. These skills give kids the confidence they need in order to tackle the many obstacles that they will encounter throughout their lives.

In Israel, hiking is a sort of rite of passage for teenagers. Participating in hiking activities gives these kids the simple yet profound sense of “normalcy” that is so vital to their recovery.

Eden is just one example of the miracles that happen at ALYN every single day. If you need motivation while you are training to tackle the hills of northern Israel or trying to get the next donation, just think of Eden hiking over boulders one year after a terrorist tried to end her life.

Shira -- Never stop smiling!

In the blink of an eye Shira’s world crashed around her. She was 6 and riding home with her mother when, out of nowhere, a speeding car broadsided them. When Shira woke up in the hospital, she had completely lost the use of both legs.

But what she did not lose that day was her gorgeous smile, her laughter, her courage, and her fierce determination that this was not going to get in the way of living life to the fullest.

Odelia -- Walking Again!

Odelia came to the Pediatric Respiratory Rehabilitation Department at ALYN just a month after her 12th birthday when she unexpectedly became severely ill. When she first arrived, she was unable to get out of her hospital bed or even to open her eyes, although she was conscious and able to respond to “yes/no” questions by nodding or shaking her head.

The Speech and Language Therapists at ALYN taught her and her mother how to communicate by spelling out a word – her mother would say the Hebrew letter aleph, and then Odelia would respond with her head movements to indicate whether or not that was the correct letter, then her mother would say the letter bet, then gimmel and so on until Odelia had spelled out the word that she was trying to express.

After a long time receiving treatment at ALYN, she was successfully weaned from the respirator and can now breathe independently, communicate verbally and is even beginning to walk with the aid of a walker!

Or -- I am fast!

It was every parent’s nightmare. After developing a fever, three-month-old Or was admitted to the hospital where it was discovered that he had no calcium in his body and that he had a heart defect. The prognosis was grim: The doctors said that Or would need to be connected to a respirator for life. He would never be able to walk or even bounce a ball.

That’s when Or’s mother decided to get a second opinion—from ALYN. The staff at ALYN taught Or how to drive an electric wheelchair. For the first time in his young life, Or had freedom.

Now eight years old, Or sweeps through the halls of ALYN in his motorized chair, shouting “I am fast! I am up! I am high!

Abdul Kutt -- Living his life!

Bright-eyed, vibrant Abdul is his parents’ precious firstborn son. When he was just nine months old, the family’s dreams were shattered. Without warning, Abdul was attacked by horrific flesh-eating bacteria.

Within a few short hours, he went from being a perfectly healthy baby to fighting for his life in an intensive-care unit. While few children survive this devastation, Abdul did—although he lost both legs, one hand and most of his right arm.

Today, Abdul can walk on his own, ride a bike and do most of the things that young boys enjoy doing.

Adina -- Refusing to Give Up!

When Adina Elbaz was just 16, she was hit by a minibus while crossing the street. She suffered a catastrophic head injury and was treated for 18 months at ALYN. At first, Adina lacked all muscle function. She could not speak or even make eye contact.

Over the months, she amazed her therapists with her ferocious determination. She even decided to start training on a tandem bike. Rocky Brody, her biking partner and a veteran ALYN rider, said that when they get to a hard hill, it is Adina who inspires her by refusing to give up.

Last year, Adina joined ALYN for the Jerusalem Marathon and the Wheels of Love bike ride.

Dan -- From paralysis to riding Wheels of Love

Dan Lahat was 18 when he was kayaking with friends. He fell and hit his head on a rock, leading to a severe spinal cord injury. When he first came to ALYN, he could not use his hands or legs and needed a respirator to breath.

But after months and months of intense therapy, he was able to walk. Then he decided to bike. Last year, he rode for all 5 days on the ALYN Wheels of Love bike ride.

The best way to raise funds is by personally asking your friends and family. You can modify these letters. Just make sure to personalize them with your name and the link to your fundraising page. If you forget the link, just look up your name on our rider list click  “Sponsor.”

Sample letter for those sky diving for the first time

Dear (Fill in the Blank),

I am taking on a new challenge and I want to share it with you. 

You know I love kids, Israel and am always up for crazy challenges.  I found the perfect way to celebrate these loves….ALYN Childrens Hospital’s “Sky is the Limit” event. Participants who raise money to help the children of ALYN sky dive from 4,000 meters up! 

Honestly, I have never done anything like this, and to say that I am nervous would be an understatement. Yet I want to help the children of ALYN and compared to their challenges, jumping out of a plane is nothing. You can learn all about ALYN here.

Children come to ALYN from all over Israel seeking their very special brand of love-compassion-hope-expertise.  It’s a fail-safe recipe for success.  ALYN knows exactly how to help every single child reach his or her highest level of mobility – no matter how dire the circumstances.

All they lack is the money to insure this life changing care.  That’s where I want to help — with your support. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible and the money raised goes directly towards treating the children.

Just click here (insert the link to your fundraising page). 

Thank you for helping me help these very deserving children.

The jump is over Pesach Chol Hamoed – look for the pictures I will post after the jump!

In gratitude,

PS: To donate by check please make it payable to American Friends of ALYN and mail it to 122 E. 42nd St., Suite 1519, NY, NY 10168 and make sure to put my name in the memo line!  If your company matches your gift or you wish to donate stocks, please call the office at 212-869-8085 for more info.


Safety is extremely important to us.

Sky Kef, the company we work with is the most professional in the Middle East and has an unblemished safety record over hundreds of thousands of jumps.

Before the jump, there is a mandatory instruction meeting. Afterwards, the instructors will fit you with a flight suit and headgear. You can ask them any questions of express and concerns, they have heard it all.

You will be doing a tandem jump, which means you jump while attached to a highly experienced professional guide for the entire duration of your jump. All you need to do is take that first step. After about 45 seconds of free fall, the instructor pulls the cord and you spend the next few minutes slowly gliding back down to the ground.

This is our third year doing this and we have never heard any regrets from those who have jumped. Quite the contrary, we have jumpers who will be returning for their third dive!

We will give you a custom “Sky’s the Limit” ALYN dry-fit T-shirt.  Other than that, wear loose fitting clothing and shoes with closed toes (no sandals). Women should not wear short skirts. Leave all your valuables with a friend on the ground. You cannot take a phone or camera, but we have many options to photograph and video your jump.

From the time you suit up until you are back on the ground is about 30 minutes. We will split everyone up into groups of six and a group will board the plane every half an hour. While you are waiting, you can wait either indoors or outdoors and watch the other jumpers. 

We will serve a kosher l’Pesach barbecue lunch at approximately 12:00 noon.

ALYN Hospital treats children from infancy through adolescence who require intense rehabilitation and therapy. Some children come to ALYN after being injured in terrorist attacks or car accidents. Others suffer from degenerative congenital disease that make mobility and independent action difficult.

ALYN treats each child with a customized plan that meets that child’s specific needs. Often the cost of this treatment exceeds the budget allotted by the government and ALYN must raise the rest of the funds independently.

Those who participate in our projects save lives with the donations they raise for ALYN.

April 22, 2019
0% raised of $60000
April 22, 2019
0% raised of $60000
Sky Dive for ALYN