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Cancellation Policy

From the moment you register for the Ride, and in particular the closer we get to the Ride itself, ALYN starts incurring expenses, much of which is non recoverable in the event that you cancel.  . For that reason, in order to maximize the benefit for the children of ALYN, we have instituted the following cancellation policy.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee is non-refundable. If a rider registers, and is not able to ride, then his or her registration fee will be used to defray the general expenses of the ride. If the rider requests, ALYN will hold over the registration fee for the next year’s ride.  If the cost of registration rises for the next year’s ride, the rider will be asked to pay the difference between the registration fee that he\she paid for the previous year’s ride and the actual registration fee for the next year’s ride. Under no circumstances, will a registration fee be held over beyond one year for another ride.

Minimum Fund Raising Goal

The primary objective of Wheels of Love is to raise funds for ALYN while providing our riders with an extraordinary ride experience. Accordingly, once a rider registers for the ride, the rider becomes a committed rider and is fully responsible for raising the fundraising minimum, whether or not the rider ultimately participates in the event. Failure to raise the minimum amount will affect the rider’s ability to participate in future rides and ALYNactive events.

Exceptional Cases

If you cancel on or prior to September 25th, 2018, all donations that you have raised will remain with ALYN, and cannot be credited to another year or to another rider participating in the ride. However, in the event that the amount you have raised is less than your fundraising minimum, you will not be required to meet the minimum fundraising goal.

If you cancel after September 26th, 2018 we will already have incurred expenses beyond the amount of your registration fee.  In such a case, your minimum fundraising obligation will be reduced to 60% of your total fundraising obligation, based upon your route selection when you registered (which, together with your registration fee, will be used to cover ride expenses that are not reimbursable at this late date).

You must accept all of the above conditions to proceed by checking the box on the website.