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Shipping/Renting Your Bike

While we highly recommend that you bring your own bike on Wheels of Love, we understand that some prefer to rent a bike for the duration of the ride. The decision is entirely yours and we stand ready to help get you on the road whether you ship or rent your bike.

Shipping Your Bike

You should have your bike packed carefully. Most bike shops provide this service. Packing usually involves removing wheels, pedals, handlebars, and saddle, which are wrapped in foam and packed separately.

When you come to check-in at ALYN, our team of mechanics will unbox your bike and assemble it. (If you prefer, you can do this yourself.) During the ride, all bike boxes are stored at ALYN. After the ride, the mechanics will repack your bike for the flight home.

Most airlines will charge a separate fee for bringing a bike. El Al has a special deal for ALYN Wheels of Love riders. They will waive their usual fee ($150) for the trip to Israel. (The fee will be charged for the return flight.) To take advantage of this deal, riders must be departing from New York, Newark, Boston, LA, or Chicago. You must fly between October 20 and November 25.

Send an email to Hand send a copy to

Include the following information:

  • Your name as it appears on your passport
  • The date, time and number of your flight
  • Your cell phone number

The fee waiver is entered into your flight record and activated when you check-in for your flight. (Note: They do NOT send out confirmations of the fee waiver.)

Renting a Bike

While it is preferable to bring your own bike, you can also rent either a road or a mountain bike from our supplier. We have carefully selected our supplier for providing exceptional service and pricing. If you rent a bike, your are responsible for returning the bike and for negotiating payment, insurance and repair issues directly from the provider.

Wheels of Love will treat your rental bike with the exact same policy as all bikes that are privately owned and brought on the ride by individual riders. In other words, we will handle your rental with great care.

To rent a bike, get in touch with our supplier below. You must come to ALYN during rider check-in the week before the ride. You will pick up your rental bike at ALYN and then go through the same check-in procedures as all riders.

A team of mechanics will be available to make adjustments to your rental bike. You also have the same access to our mechanics during the ride as any other rider. Often riders who rent bikes bring their own pedals and even their own seat. The mechanics will help you install these on the rental bike. Just remember to return the rental pedals and seat to the rental company when you return your bike. Asaf Rockman,, Mobile phone: (972) 052-3201273