The Sky's the Limit


Can you imagine stepping out of an aircraft flying 3,000 meters above the land of Israel?


Over Chol Hamoed Pesach (April 13th) join ALYN hospital for an incredible opportunity as we take you – SKY-DIVING!


We have teamed up with the top skydiving company in the country to provide you with an unbelievable experience that you will remember all your life.


And even better, we ask that you participate on behalf of the children being treated at ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Many of these kids can only dream of walking unassisted. They get the best therapies available, but they need your help.



When you register, we will create a fund-raising page that you can send to friends and family. We ask that you raise a minimum of $1,800. All of these funds go directly to ALYN to help provide the therapy that each child needs.

We will provide transportation to the jump site, pair you up with a professional guide for a tandem jump, and then you will get the experience of a lifetime. As crazy as it sounds, this activity is totally safe.  Our skydiving company has been in business for many years and they have an unblemished safety record.  You can even have your jump videotaped.


Any healthy person between the ages of 12 and 65 who weighs no more than 99 kilo (220 pounds) can participate.


So what are you waiting for? It's a unique experience that you are doing for a great cause.

How do I register?
Fill out my online form.



 If you have any questions, just call Chaim Wizman at 0543518009 or Adina at 02-649-4216 email us at or and we will be happy to register you.  The deadline for registration is April 6, 2017.


Please check our Cancellation Policy and Waiver

How much does it cost?

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 and we ask that you raise $1800 from sponsors such as friends and relatives who will typically be happy to sponsor you for doing something so radical on behalf of such a fantastic cause. 


You have to raise at least $600 by April 6 (to cover the actual costs of the dive) and the rest is due by May 31st.


The event includes your jump and the additional amenities that we provide such as transportation, BBQ lunch after the jump, and T-shirts.  In addition, don't be intimidated by the fundraising requirement.  We will provide you with an online personal fundraising page and your sponsors can donate quickly and easily online, by check or even by calling our office. 


You will, of course, be informed, each time someone donates on your behalf and the donor will receive a tax receipt as well as a thank you letter from us. 


If you prefer to self- fund and contribute the entire amount yourself, you will receive a tax deduction reciept.

Can I bring my family members?

Of course.  We know you want them to share this once-in- a lifetime experience with you.  If there is additional room on the bus, we will let them ride with you free of charge.  If you give us advance notice, we will even have T-shirts for them.

Will there be refreshments or lunch?

Hey, we’re Jewish, aren’t we?  We will have a strictly kosher for Passover BBQ lunch after the jump.

Are there any extras?

Yes. We offer an incentive program to those of you who can raise larger amounts than the minimum of $1800.

If you are committed to raise at least $2500 you will get a free video of your jump with a special dedication.

If you are committed to raise at least $3600 you will be able to bring a friend or family member at no extra cost.

If you are committed to raise more than $6000 we will credit your airfare (up to $1200) or alternately, send you to a luxurious 2 nights hotel stay for two.

Tell me more about ALYN Hospital?

At ALYN Hospital, our entire mission is empowering people to transcend barriers.  ALYN is one of the premier pediatric rehabilitation facilities on the planet, a place where miracles transpire literally every day because the staff and the remarkable children they serve simply don’t know what the word "can't" means.  Here at ALYN, we are not satisfied merely with helping children in wheel chairs take a few halting steps.  We don't stop, we won't stop until these children can dance and ride bicycles and function with an independence most people would never have dreamed possible.