Check list for WOL participants – from registration to the start of the Ride!

Order insurance

Order insurance to cover luggage loss/damage, cycling, travel, health and air-evac rescue, as well as loss of earnings and home care in case of accident.


Coming from abroad

For participants coming from abroad:

EL AL is generously offering a 50% discount on the cost to take a bike to Israel.

  • Riders coming from North America For more details
  • Riders coming from countries other than the US and Canada, please contact the local El AL representative to receive this benefit

Tip: Double-check the expiry date on your passport, which MUST be valid for 6 months AFTER the date of your return flight.
Recommendation: Rent a cell phone or internet connection for the trip (see a deal for North American participants).
• Please make your own arrangements for transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to ALYN Hospital
• In a hurry to leave after the Closing Ceremony? You can order transportation from ALYN Hospital to Ben-Gurion Airport on Thursday evening.

Pre-ride questionnaire

 Fill in the pre-ride questionnaire which is available on-line from August until early September, and in which you are able to state  your preferences regarding:

  • Pick up point for the start of the Ride and your destination at the end of the Ride
  • Time you will arrive at the ALYN check-in

To the pre-ride questionnaire

Spa treatments

Orders for the spa and massage need to be arranged through the accommodation.


To the accommodation list
Pack your belongings and bicycle

General - Less is more. Please pack lightly and try to use just one suitcase/bag.


The only thing predictable about the weather at the begining of November is that it is unpredictable.  Be prepared for sunny, hot days. There is a chance that it might rain.


All routes will leave as scheduled, rain or shine.  Please check the weather report before the ride.

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Rider Safety

Wheels of Love

We’re riding -

For the children of Alyn Hospital!
For the cycling!
For the challenge!
For the friendship!
For the fun!

Ride safely. Return home renewed.  Richly satisfied.  You earned it.

(We're not racing!))

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