Team Fundraising

Wheels of Love allows individual riders to form a Team for the purpose of pooling their fundraising efforts.  This is most appropriate for Riders from the same family or community who will likely be soliciting a similar list of potential sponsors.  In such a case, the sponsor can simply donate to the Team and the funds will be credited evenly among Team members towards their fundraising goals.  The purpose of the Team is NOT to allow Riders who do not raise funds to participate in the Ride while relying on the fundraising efforts of other Team members.  Please note that each Rider costs the hospital in excess of $2200 so adding Riders who are not raising funds to a Team will directly impact the amount of money that can be utilized for the children of ALYN Hospital.  Each Team will be required to meet the following fundraising goals.

  • The entire Team is required to  average a minimum of $2,500 per five day Rider
  • Individual Riders within a Team are each required to raise a minimum of $1800 even if the Team average is well in excess of $2500
  • Family members under age 21 are required to raise $ 2000.  Thus $500 will be deducted from the Team’s total requirement.  However, the individual Rider under age 21 will still be required to raise a minimum of $1800 like all other individual Riders within a Team
  • Volunteers within a Team are required to raise a minimum of $750
  • GalgALYN Team members are required to raise a minimum of $200

To be recognized as part of a Team, you must:

  1. Organize a group of participants who agree to raise funds collectively;
  2.  Designate a Captain, who will be the Team’s contact person for purposes of donations, and who will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that the Team meets its sponsorship commitment.
  3.  The Captain must register each member of the Team online no later than September 1st.
  4.  All donations received by any of the Team members will be credited both to his individual account as well as to the Team’s collective account.
  5. It is possible to form a mixed fundraising Team of WOL riders, volunteers and GalgALYN riders. In this case, each participant's individual minimal fundraising goal is added to the total collective sponsorship commitment.
  6.  All donations that are made to the Team generally and not to any of its individual members, will be divided equally among all the Team members.


Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us regarding the sponsorship commitments of such Teams.


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