Raising Funds

Your Personal Donations Report will enable you to keep track of all donations made in your name. Please note that sponsorships remitted directly to ALYN Hospital will appear on your online donations report after the donation has been processed, and sponsorships given through ALYN’s international chapters and friends associations will appear on the report only after the donation has been transferred to Israel.


 Personal Sponsorships Report

General Fundraising Requirements

Five Day Riders: All individual five day riders are required to raise a minimum of $2500 or the local currency equivalent.

Volunteers:  All Volunteers are required to raise a minimum of $750 or the local currency equivalent.

One day (GalgALYN) Riders:  All one day (GalgALYN) riders are required to raise a minimum of $200 (750 NIS) or their local currency equivalent.

Team Members:  Each team member is required to personally raise a minimum of $1800. In addition, the Team, as a whole, must average at least $2500 per Rider in order to meet its Team Fundraising Requirement.

Youth Riders:  All Riders under age 21 are required to raise a minimum of $2000 or the local currency equivalent.


We strongly recommend that you begin your fundraising efforts soon after registering and that you complete your fundraising prior to the start of the Ride.  Please note that all donations must be received by December 15th, 2016.
For more information on fundraising procedures, tips and ideas, donations submissions, etc.

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donations faq
    WOL riders: General Request from 5 day Rider for Sponsorship 
 WOL riders: Request from 5 day Rider for Sponsorship featuring ALYN children


 GalgALYN riders: General Request from one day GalgALYN Rider for Sponsorship.


 Jill Myers, USA: This past October my sister and I participated in a five day Wheels of Love bike ride to raise money for ALYN...
  Mark Keil, Israel: It’s been a few weeks since I started my fourth ALYN bike ride, this time with the Challenge group...
  Ari Solomont, Israel: One week ago I embarked on a journey like no other...
  Itamar Karni, Israel: I am glad and proud to tell you, that this year I will again be participating in the amazing five-day bike ride for the benefit of the ALYN hospital and its kids....
Caren Greenberg, Israel: My dear family and friends...


Team Fundraising

Wheels of Love allows individual riders to form a Team for the purpose of pooling their fundraising efforts.  This is most appropriate for Riders from the same family or community who will likely be soliciting a similar list of potential sponsors.  In such a case, the sponsor can simply donate to the Team and the funds will be credited evenly among Team members towards their fundraising goals.  The purpose of the Team is NOT to allow Riders who do not raise funds to participate in the Ride while relying on the fundraising efforts of other Team members.  Please note that each Rider costs the hospital in excess of $2200 so adding Riders who are not raising funds to a Team will directly impact the amount of money that can be utilized for the children of ALYN Hospital.  Each Team will be required to meet the following fundraising goals.

  • The entire Team is required to  average a minimum of $2,500 per five day Rider
  • Individual Riders within a Team are each required to raise a minimum of $1800 even if the Team average is well in excess of $2500
  • Family members under age 21 are required to raise $ 2000.  Thus $500 will be deducted from the Team’s total requirement.  However, the individual Rider under age 21 will still be required to raise a minimum of $1800 like all other individual Riders within a Team
  • Volunteers within a Team are required to raise a minimum of $750
  • GalgALYN Team members are required to raise a minimum of $200

To be recognized as part of a Team, you must:

  1. Organize a group of participants who agree to raise funds collectively;
  2.  Designate a Captain, who will be the Team’s contact person for purposes of donations, and who will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that the Team meets its sponsorship commitment.
  3.  The Captain must register each member of the Team online no later than September 1st.
  4.  All donations received by any of the Team members will be credited both to his individual account as well as to the Team’s collective account.
  5. It is possible to form a mixed fundraising Team of WOL riders, volunteers and GalgALYN riders. In this case, each participant's individual minimal fundraising goal is added to the total collective sponsorship commitment.
  6.  All donations that are made to the Team generally and not to any of its individual members, will be divided equally among all the Team members.


Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us regarding the sponsorship commitments of such Teams.


Register a Team          Add Team members

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising for an incredible cause like ALYN Hospital is a lot easier than you think.  Especially when you are backed by the right tips, tools and support.  Remember that your fundraising has the ability to change the lives of the young heroes at ALYN. So, let’s see what we can do to help you with your fundraising:


Social media tips

The fact is that we all spend an increasing amount of our lives on social media. Social media is already huge and getting bigger by the day. We shop, read the news and keep in touch with friends with a few clicks. And when it comes to supporting the causes and organizations we care about, our behavior is no different. In fact, people who engaged with charities via social media were inspired to take further action, such as donate, volunteer or attend an event. Be active. Be engaging. Be Authentic. 

  • Create a Facebook post every week for training and fundraising updates. Make sure to include a link to your rider profile page.
  • Tag us @ALYNRIDE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Use the official Facebook cover and profile photos for your personal social media pages. You can even add your rider profile link to your cover and profile photos. 
  • Use the hashtag #ALYNRIDE when you post. Here’s how

Make it personal

  • Customize your rider profile page by uploading a picture and editing your story.
  • Add your profile page link to your email signature.
  • Add one of our inspiring videos below:
  •  Fundraising Sample letters: Click here

Keep the Momentum
Space out your emails and social media posts to promote the different stages of your training and Ride and keep donors and friends engaged throughout the year

  1. When you sign up: Scream from the rooftops that you committed to Ride and why
  2. As you train: Tell your friends and family how they can support your goals and join your team
  3. After the ride: Brag about the event to everyone you know *Remember that you can still fundraise until December 15, 2016

Use your network

  • Your efforts should start with your support system. Ask your friends, family and coworkers to join the mission
  • Brainstorm a list of potential donors. Click here to get started.
  • Invite your network to any fundraising events

Donations in lieu of gifts

  • Ask people to donate to your ALYN fundraising account, in lieu of gifts for a birthday or holiday

Special touch

  • Drop a handwritten thank you note in the mail for a special donor
  • Send a thank you email after receiving donations
  • Host a small event to thank your donors for their unconditional support

Double your dollars

  • Check with your company’s HR department to see if they match employee charitable donations. You may also click here and search for a company and find out if they offer a match.
  • Make sure to ask potential donors if their company matches gifts

Local promotions

  • Guest bartend for a night at a local bar or restaurant where a percentage of the proceeds are donated to your ride
  • Poker night with the boys or girls
  • Party - Have a party/bar-b-que (birthday or otherwise) and have everyone sponsor you instead of bringing a gift.
  • Wine Tasting - Have a wine tasting evening. See if you can get the wine donated from a local wine store. Have a minimum cover charge to go towards your sponsorship.
  • Speakers - Have a speaker (local politician, author) come to your house and charge a minimum donation. Make sure that you talk about the ALYN Hospital and the WOL Ride so that everyone knows why they are giving a donation.
  • Picnic - Organize a picnic in a park to which people bring a donation (and their own food)–organize games for the families to play – three legged race, potato sack races, egg tossing competition, backwards running races, etc.
  • Lunch Money-ask your work colleagues to bring a sandwich in for lunch and donate the money which they saved on going out to a restaurant.
  • Auction – Have everyone come to your house/club/synagogue/school with something (a thing or service) that they are willing to auction off
  • 50-50 raffle – Sell raffle tickets with the prize being half of what is taken in.

Lemonade stands and bake sales are always a hit

  • Work with local businesses you frequent (ex. stage your bake sale outside your grocery store or dry cleaner)
  • Keg for a cause – Host a block party on your street and charge admission.
  • Create a custom team t-shirt, beer koozie or hat to sell
  • Make crafts to sell with your children.
  • Make sure to submit your event to our events calendar

Get physical

  •  Does your local health club offer spin classes? Talk with the manager and arrange a spin-a-thon to benefit your fundraising. Organize a workout class with a local gym or fitness center
  • Ask a minimum donation from participants

For live help


You can also try to generate local news coverage for your participation in WOL.  Click here   for a guide to addressing the Media

Recruiting Corporate Sponsors

Companies that sponsor Wheels of Love find it to be a highly meaningful way to help the physically challenged Children of ALYN Hospital and exhibit corporate responsibility, while simultaneously benefiting from the outstanding media exposure which the Ride enjoys. In appreciation for the Corporate Sponsorship, we are pleased to invite representatives of the sponsoring company to participate in Wheels of Love.

For more information, please contact Chaim Wizman , the director of Special projects at ALYN Hospital. 

You probably have access to potential corporate sponsors that you may not think of initially.  Don’t be afraid to utilize your contacts.  Corporations often have community responsibility budgets and are eager to sponsor worthy projects.  We suggest contacting the following individuals or departments at companies with which you might have a personal or professional relationship:

  • Program officers responsible for allocation of corporate funds to the charitable community
  • Marketing department, for enhancement of public exposure and branding the company
  • Human resources departments, to promote sending company representatives (who bike during their leisure time) on the Ride
  • The owner or director of the business.

For your information, we require a minimum sponsorship commitment of $5,000 by June 15, 2016 in order for the company logo to be displayed on the riding Jersey that every Rider will receive two of.  All leads can readily be referred to us and we will happily follow-up.  Please forward the following details ASAP:  name of potential sponsor, contact person, type of company, and contact details.

We highly recommend using our Corporate Sponsorship Brochure , which fully describes the WOL Ride, its goals, and the various types of Corporate Sponsorship available.

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Donations FAQ


Click here for Donations FAQ

Support material

Support material about the Ride. If you want to order hard copies please contact us a t 02-6494235.

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Fundraising Incentives

We at Wheels of Love are genuinely grateful for your dedicated fundraising efforts on behalf of the children of ALYN Hospital.  Your individual efforts make a huge difference in the lives of so many children.  We also realize that fundraising is often a very difficult process. So to show our appreciation, we have designed the following system of awards as our way of saying thanks to you for all that you do.

Riders who raise a minimum of $5000 will receive a gift of a customized long sleeve jersey.

Riders who raise a minimum of $10,000 will receive a customized long sleeve jersey and a high quality pair of bib shorts.

Riders who raise a minimum of $15,000 will receive will receive a customized long sleeve jersey , a high quality pair of bib shorts and a VIP gift basket in the hotel.

Riders who raise a minimum of $25,000 will receive a customized long sleeve jersey , a high quality pair of bib shorts, a VIP gift basket in the hotel and free registration to next year’s Wheels of Love Ride.
Riders who raise a minimum of $50,000 will receive all of the above and will be specially honored at the Gala Dinner.

We also believe that your fundraising efforts should be publicly acknowledged and serve as an example to inspire and motivate others.  Therefore, we will include a list of our top   fundraisers on the front page of our website.  Please feel free to check the site often to make sure that you appear on the list and see how we are doing towards achieving our overall fundraising goal of $3 million.

Thanks so much to each and every one of you.  We can't wait to see you in November.

Very Truly Yours,

WOL Staff